Humor Fiction posted August 15, 2010

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Living in denial...

Poet's Anonymous Meeting

by seewhatimwritingnow

"Hi! My name is Betty Johnson, and I am... a Poet-Addict!"
"Hi, Betty!"
"Once, I was 'clean' for two whole days!..."
(Round of applause)
"For months, I was in denial. But I knew that stopping my car to write down poetic lines, that came to me... writing words on the back of my hand... and even on toilet paper, in the bathroom... and on napkins in restaurants...just wasn't 'normal. I finally had to admit, I was addicted!"
"Good for you, Betty!" (another round of applause)
"I discovered that my problem began when I was very small, around eight years old. That's when I had my first 'taste'. But I was still in control. Being the daughter of a Poet-Addict, it was only natural that I would be tempted."
"Wasn't YOUR fault, Betty! "
"But then.... I discovered... (lowering head, tears falling)...FanStory!"
(Weeping and moaning from audience) "Poor, poor Betty!"
"Now, my 'habit' was out of control. I was now surrounded by other addicts- most still in denial. My 'Muse' jumped into full-gear, tossing words at me faster than I could type.
"You were addicted!"
"I try to stay away from pen and paper. I've tried to keep my computer off,  I try not to 'think'.
I've tried so hard to stay away, even for a single day, but words into my mind do flow, where this will end I do not know..."
"That RHYMED Betty!" (applause from audience, mixed with moans)
"I was told, that the first step, if abstinence is to be kept, is to admit that I'm addicted, that I'll no longer be afflicted!"
"I'm sorry that my words do rhyme, happens to me all the time, please forgive me of this crime, I think that I have lost my mind!"
"Mind doesn't rhyme with rhyme, time and crime, Betty!" (audience groans)
"Slant? Free Verse?" (Hysterics set in)
Betty was last seen being carried out of Poets Anonymous by men in white coats. She was screaming "I'm?", "Line?", Sign?", "Dime?"....
Meeting continues........
"Hi, I'm Brooke, and I am a Poet-Addict..."
"Hi Brooke!"


Just funnin' ! Thanks so much (again) for the use of the sad woman picture, AMPandolph!
Pays one point and 2 member cents.

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