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A Canadian Nurse is Kidnapped and Sold

Kidnapped for Slavery - Part One

by Thesis

The author has placed a warning on this post for violence.
It was just a month before Hajj, when Abdul and Ahmed went to Malaysia, recruiting a new batch of housemaids. Three years ago, the brothers formed a company named, Domestic Resources, aimed at supplying wealthy Middle Eastern men with an unending supply of women, under the guise of becoming domestic help.

The brothers sought women from poor families, speaking with their fathers, promising monthly wire transfers back to the family of at least four hundred US dollars per month. For many of these families, this was an incredible amount of money and the fathers readily signed two or three year contracts for the daughters to work.

What they had actually done, though, was to allow their daughters to be kidnapped and sold into a life of slavery, sexual abuse and torment.

Once the women arrived, their passports were confiscated, and they were transported to a designated family, where they were given to the man of the family. It was up to him to choose the girl's role. She either became a maid, nanny, or concubine. Many performed several tasks. All were usually concubines.

There was no tolerance for disobedience of any kind. If the man of the house had sex with the maid or gave her to his teenaged son for sex, she could not refuse. If she did, serious beatings would occur, or she would be turned over to the Mutawwa, accused as a whore and beheaded. Of course, the girl's family would be helpless, just receiving word that their daughter had strayed away from the faith, branded as a whore.

Nothing could be further from the truth, but these lies proliferated. That is, until the brothers became emboldened to try this practice on a Canadian girl, already living in country, on a work visa. Instead of speaking to parents, the brothers solicited messengers who worked with the police to renew foreigners work visas.

One messenger noticed a beautiful woman's nursing visa was expiring at the local hospital. He called Ahmed with the woman's name and the name of the hospital she worked for.

The brothers were known influential family members and spoke to several of the doctors at the hospital. Gaining the information they needed from the doctors, they approached the nurse and offered to have her visa renewed for two years, instead of the customary one-year. The doctors waved to the brothers as they were speaking to the nurse, who took it as a sign that these men were legitimate.

Little did she know that they never intended to renew her visa at all. Later that evening, Beverly Hudson was kidnapped from the Canadian compound by three men who gained access to the compound by paying off one of the civilian guards.

The brothers had her transported to an abandoned warehouse in the center of Riyadh, where six potential buyers were waiting to inspect the merchandise.

Beverly was bound and gagged, rolled inside of a Persian rug. When she was unrolled, she was barely conscious. The heat and extreme stress she was under had dehydrated her body inside the wool rug. She lay panting on the dirt floor where she was unrolled.

Abdul was angry at the way she was transported. He asked which one of the three kidnappers was in charge. A short, thin, Pakistani man stepped forward and said he was the leader. Abdul smiled.

"Because of the way you have presented this merchandise to me and embarrassed me before my clients, you will not be paid for your efforts."

"But, we have brought the girl here to you, paid the guards with our own money, and made sure we were not followed."

Abdul's response to the man's remarks was swift. As soon as the Pakistani heard the words: "Allah Akbar," he knew his life would end. Sure enough, a man approached him from behind with a scimitar and sliced his neck from ear to ear.

The Pakistani fell forward, unceremoniously, with a loud thud when he hit the floor. Turning toward the other two kidnappers, Abdul pointed to the shorter man. "You are the new leader. If you ever fail me, this too will become your fate. Now leave this place and keep your mouths shut. If I hear that you've spoken of this night, you will soon join your dead friend."

As if shot from the barrel of a gun, the two kidnappers ran from the warehouse, leaving all present silently waiting for Abdul's next words.

Beverly sat up after the Pakistani fell only a few meters from her. She was clad in a tight V-neck T shirt and jeans when she was abducted from her apartment. Her T-shirt shifted during her delivery to the floor, pulling tightly across her chest, revealing her cleavage to the prying eyes of the men who wanted to buy her as a slave.

Without formality, the men started shouting numbers to Abdul. It appeared that an intense bidding war had begun. Ahmed looked at his brother and smiled. Apparently the Canadian woman was going to bring them a lot of dollars.

With the bidding up to five hundred thousand US dollars, one of the men suggested that they be able to see the woman naked. After all, she was being sold like a camel; they wanted to see everything they were buying.

Abdul told his brother Ahmed to undress the woman. When he approached, she fought him off, not letting him touch her. Being ridiculed by the bidders, Ahmed slapped Beverly across the face with such force, that she fell backward, striking her head and losing consciousness.

He then proceeded to undress her, much to the pleasure of the men watching. He struggled with her clothes, since her hands were tied, until one of the bidders gave him a knife, allowing him to cut away all of her clothes. Lying naked on the dirt floor, Beverly regained consciousness, just as her degradation overwhelmed her.

She tried in vain to cover herself, clasping her knees shut and rolling into a ball. Abdul spoke to her.

"You can either be inspected, without being violated or I may allow each man to violate you if you do not cooperate with me. Do not think I will not let them. You mean nothing to me, except US dollars. Do you understand?"

Nodding yes, Beverly forced herself to relax and to display herself to the animals gathered around her. Her only salvation was her thoughts of how her Army Ranger fianc©e would make sure that all of these pigs would pay for what they were going to do to her.

After the visual inspection, each man was given a piece of paper with their name on it and a pen to write down their final bid. The highest bidder would win. There would be no re-negotiation.

Ahmed gathered the offers and read them. He handed the winning bid to Abdul. Abdul smiled when he saw amount. One million US dollars. He walked to the winner and gave him a big hug.

The bidder said: "You will have the cash tomorrow evening. When shall I arrange for the merchandise to be picked up?"

"Amir, your honesty is known throughout the Kingdom, she is yours to do with what you wish. She may accompany you now, if you desire."

"Abdul, you are kind. Yes, that is suitable. I will have the money delivered to your office before mid day prayers."


Summoning his driver to bring a black bisht cloak from the car, the Amir berated Beverly. "Cover yourself, whore."

Grabbing the cloak from the driver and watching his beady little eyes devour every inch of skin before his boss admonished him, Beverly was lost in her own surreal world. She covered herself without realizing she had done so. Her first thoughts were of escape, her second, suicide.

As she was led to the car and told to lie down on the seat to avoid being seen, her thoughts switched to her fianc©e, Captain Richard Knight. Tears escaped her dehydrated body, dropping onto the hand sewn leather seats of the Amir's Bentley.

Hajj, is a pilgrimage to Mecca that every Muslim man of means must make, at least once in his life.

A Bisht is a cover cloak, usually made of wool, that is worn over a thobe.

A thobe is the traditional white tunic like garment required to be worn by all Saudi men.

Insha'Allah is Arabic for "If God wills it."

This is Part One of a Two Part post.
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