Children Fiction posted May 1, 2009

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Everyone has a destiny.


by Annmuma

Write a Child's Story with a moral Contest Winner 

"Ralph was a loveable dog, when he wasn't chasing cats, children, postmen and cars."

Ralph's ears perked, but his head rested unmoving on Billy's lap. Sometimes he slept unnoticed in a corner or hid under a bed to extend those coveted inside-dog moments. But, today, Ralph sprawled undisturbed on the couch next to Billy. 

 What does she mean "was"?  I still "am."    

Billy's mom continued her phone conversation. "I'm afraid Marty's right.  Ralph needs a country home, a place where he can run and play out-of-doors, away from people."

I have a whole backyard!  I want to be an inside dog. Why can't she understand that!"

"Yesterday was the last straw.  He chased the meter man over the fence.  I have to admit I laughed.  The man is so pushy and, every month, seems to appear out of nowhere.  I've asked him a hundred times to please knock first.  Well, yesterday, so did Ralph! With Ralph on his heels, intent on scoring a piece of his trousers, that guy cleared the fence in a single leap.  There may be an Olympics in his future. "

She laughed at the memory.

If she thought it was so funny, why the yelling and screaming?  "Stop, Ralph.  Come back here, Ralph. Get on this porch, Ralph. Sit, Ralph. Bad boy, Ralph."  A lot of carrying-on just because I saved the backyard from a sneaky scoundrel. I never intended to hurt him, just get rid of him.

"Tomorrow, I guess.  Marty says he knows a guy who will give him a good home.  I'm going to miss him.  So is Billy."

Miss me? Sounds like a done deal. Oh, no!  Doesn't she know Billy needs me?

"Yes, I told him last night.  He's pretty upset.  I told him Ralph could sleep in his room tonight and we'd go visit his new home sometime soon."

So that's why I'm king of the furniture today.  What am I going to do?

Billy patted him and hugged him closer.

For now, I think I'll  just rest my eyes.   Ralph yawned and stretched.  Before long, he and Billy drifted off to sleep, leaving tomorrow's troubles to tomorrow.

His mom gently shook him. "Come on, Billy.  It's time for bed."  

"Don't forget, Mom.  You said..."

"I haven't forgotten.  You too, Ralph.  Let's go."

Several hours passed and both Ralph and Billy were snuggled in. Ralph lay on a rug near the door and Billy slept in the bottom bunk instead of the top-of-the-room view he preferred.  Tonight, he needed to be near Ralph.  Like a Christmas Eve, sleep was hard to come by, but inevitable for a small boy.  An almost unheard thump jolted Ralph from dreamland.

What was that? 

Ten seconds of quiet and Ralph calmed.  Then a shuffling noise, nearly imperceptible to all but the best ears, and the dog stood at full alert.

Footsteps?  Who?

He eased to the door, a low growl rumbled in his chest and oozed up his throat.

A stranger? Dark? No reason to be in MY house!

Ralph leaped from the bedroom doorway. The stranger screamed and threw something in the air as Ralph's growl exploded into barking.  Billy's mom sat up, grabbed her robe, Billy crawled under his bed and his dad dashed into the hallway.  The would-be burglar was held at bay, arms high in the air and shaking in his boots.

"Get that dog off me and I'm outta here," he pleaded.

Billy's dad dialed nine-one-one and police soon arrived, sirens blaring.   

In spite of the night's excitement, Billy's family was up early the next day.  His dad went to work, Billy procrastinated over breakfast and his mom talked on the phone.

"No, we've decided Ralph is a loveable dog, especially when he's chasing intruders. He's an inside dog now."  She laughed as she retold last night's story.  Ralph listened as he lay at Billy's feet.

"Is" sounds so much better than "was."  

Write a Child's Story with a moral
Contest Winner


Okay, I have never, ever written a children's story, so be gentle! I'm picturing ages 8 to 10? Am I getting my moral -contest required- across, i.e. we all have to be true to ourselves to be happy and find our place? Or, maybe, just do whatever is right in front of you and everything will work out for the best. Geez! Children's stories are a lot more difficult than I ever imagined.

Contest Rules: Write a story that starts with the sentence: "Ralph was a loveable dog,
when he wasn't chasing cats, children, postmen and cars.." Your story must start with the sentence above. Do not add to the sentence. You have the option to put it in quotes (for dialogue) and to change the punctuation at the end. But do not add to the sentence or change it in any other way. The story can be about anything but start with the sentence above. Creative approaches are welcomed but the contest voters will be aware of the challenge made here to begin your story with the sentence provided.

The picture is my dog, Bandit.
Pays one point and 2 member cents.

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