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Investigation into a local haunted bridge.

A chapter in the book Ghosts Stories of Acadiana I

The Haunting At Marland's Bridge

by earthlybeing

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Background on the Bridge/area:
Marland's bridge is the site of a bloody battle that occurred during the Civil War. It is located within close proximity of Chretien Point Plantation which was also used as a hospital during the Civil War, and is said to be haunted. The battle was waged on November 3, 1863. Known as the Battle of Bayou Bourbeau, this Battle would result in one man receiving the Congressional Medal of Honor. William Marland was that man. The bridge was renamed in his honor. It is now the site of a reported haunting.

The Union had a large encampment in the area of over 1700 troops, and they were camped on the west side of the bridge. They also had artillery station to the north side of the bridge. In the early morning hours about 4 AM the battle began and continued on for many hours, with the worst of the fighting occurring around 1 PM that afternoon.

The Confederate Troops were able to take the Union Troops by surprise at sunrise when they approached unexpected from the North, West and Southwest. In the midst of panic, many union soldiers were in a state of great panic. In the confusion that ensued, some of the Union troops attempted to run. Others began to try to form a defensive line, to try and repel the unexpected attack.

The Confederate troops they battled were from Texas, and they descended on the Union troops with no warning. Total chaos ruled. The battle resulted in disaster for the Union troops and their commanders. A young gunnery lieutenant, who was with the 2nd Massachusetts artillery, had the presence of mind to try and maneuver his large Parrot cannon off of the field. Unexpectedly several Texans came up and ordered him to return to the rear. However, the gunnery Lieutenant named Marland, had other plans. Seizing the opportunity he charged the bridge with his wagon being pulled by an eight horse team. The Texans were forced to jump into the bayou, to keep from being run over by the horses and wagon. In the resulting freedom of the bridge, William Marland was able to escape.

William Marland was given the Congressional Medal of Honor for bravery, and in his honor the bridge was re-named after him.

The battle raged on and when it ended there were 812 casualties, 124 wounded and 566 missing. The Confederates claimed the victory.

Aside from the many deaths on that fateful day, the bridge has been a dumping ground for several bodies through the years. It is said that "a lady in white" can be seen roaming around the bridge on dark nights.

William Marland
Birth: Mar. 11, 1839
Death: Apr. 17, 1905
Griffin, Spalding County, Georgia, USA


Recent Background on the bridge and ghostly sightings:

In past interviews neighbors and people from the area, have reported seeing a lady floating on the east side of the bridge. She is called the lady in white because of her appearance. Her dress is seen trailing behind her.

Our investigation began on Saturday morning December 13, 2008. We drove to the location and exited the vehicle with our equipment ready to capture still shots, digital video, and digital voice recordings. It is easy to see why the location would be frightening at night. It is located with a wooded area to the south of the bridge. There are homes to the North however they are at some distance away. The bridge structure dates back to 1993, when the wooden structure was replaced with a new cement bridge. However, people have continued to see the apparition since that time. We stayed at the bridge for about one hour during daylight.

We returned to the location after dark about 9:00 P.M. Included in our group of investigators was Conrad Dugas, Cory Dugas, Shirley Dugas, Phyllis Bellard, and myself.

Phyllis was assigned to digital video; Conrad was assigned to digital camera with flash. Cory was assigned to digital camera without the flash, and I was handling the Digital voice recorder (DVR).

It was somewhat windy and I was concerned if we would be able to catch anything on the DVR.

Shirley remained in the vehicle to turn on the emergency flashers should a vehicle approach.

Conrad and Cory worked as a team. They went to the opposite end of the bridge from where I was working. Conrad would take a picture with flash. Then Cory would take a picture of the same area without flash.

I approached the bridge and went to the west side first. I began to walk along the guard rail and as I did so I would pause and ask a question out loud.

"Is there anyone here who would like to make their presence known?"
After waiting for a while I would restate or change the question.

"Did someone hurt you? We are here to help. We will not harm you. Please make your presence known, and we will do all that we can to solve your death."

"Who hurt you? Can you tell us their name?"

"What is your name?"

After continuing on with these open ended questions, I moved on to the East side of the bridge and began again with the questions. As I was working the east side of the bridge, I felt Phyllis bump into me from behind. Turning around I said, "Hey!"

That's when I realized I was alone on my side of the bridge. I had been hearing someone near me and had thought it was Phyllis. Out of the corner of my eye I could see that Cory and Conrad were at the other end of the bridge. I knew Shirley was in the Jeep, so I had assumed it was Phyllis near me shooting footage.

"Phil, can you shoot me and see if you catch anything?" I asked.

"Where do you want me?" she stated.

"There at the end of the bridge is fine. I just felt someone bump into my back, and thought it was you."

Cory overheard and made a frightened sound. Phyllis turned and began shooting footage, facing where I was standing. I kept talking and asking questions.

Several minutes later, Conrad and Cory came walking up; they had finished taking pictures on the opposite end of the bridge.

Phyllis was still video taping with the digital camcorder using night shot.

Feeling we had tried, I stated out loud, "Well, we will make a trip back in the future. Maybe then you will be ready to show yourself."

"Con, Phil and I are going to head to the Jeep. You guys can finish this end and then we can leave."

A short time later we left the location.

It was not until during the review of the evidence we noticed that there were several unexplainable and interesting photos and two interesting voice recordings. One picture was taken without a flash, using night shot. It was taken immediately after Phyllis and I entered the Jeep. The picture is aimed at the back of the Jeep. We were parked on the South side of the bridge, where there are wooded areas on both sides of the roadway. The picture with the flash was taken immediately before the one without. Several orbs are seen behind the Jeep in both pictures

The second picture was taken without flash. It clearly shows something to the left side of the photo, opposite from the Jeep. The same view moments before with flash shows nothing.

The voice recordings are both immediately after I asked a question. The same voice is in both recordings. No one spoke at that time but me. I do not know the voice. Check it out for your self.

In my opinion there is something at Marland Bridge. As to what or who is there, your guess is a good as mine. I am still researching past events where bodies were dumped, to see if I can come up with anything that may be the missing piece to this puzzle.

If you are ever in the area of Sunset or Chretien Point Plantation, stop and see for yourself if the location is haunted.

I double dog dare you.

For more information on William Marland and to see a picture of this brave soldier visit:

Please let me know what you think is in the audio (what is said) and pictures (what you see).

In the picture I have a blow up of the tiny figure to the left originally. It is posted at the bottom right of the picture. Hope you understand my explination. We are limited with pictures options on this site.

The echo in the audio appeared, when I converted to a mp3 so I could post. It was not there before on the original recording. Anyone who would like to hear the original let me know by private message. I will be happy to email you when a copy of the original digital audio and also pictures have been posted to my website.
I'm interested to see what you think of this format and the picture and audio.
Thanks, Jeanette
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