The West

One man's journey west.
by Thomas Bowling
The beginning of the journey.
Chapter 1

Starting Out

Posted January 1, 2018
Western / Fiction
77 views | 29 reviews

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The music of the trail.
Chapter 2

The West

Posted January 2, 2018
Western / Fiction
61 views | 27 reviews

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Sarah meets someone.
Chapter 3

Tom Gordon

Posted January 3, 2018
Western / Fiction
55 views | 28 reviews

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Sarah and Tom Gordon plan their future.
Chapter 4

A Proposal

Posted January 5, 2018
Western / Fiction
57 views | 28 reviews

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The wagon train enters dangerous ground.
Chapter 5

Comanche Territory

Posted January 6, 2018
Western / Fiction
44 views | 24 reviews

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Sarah is taken to an Indian village.
Chapter 6

The Comanche Village

Posted January 7, 2018
Western / Fiction
52 views | 23 reviews

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A student has a crush on Sarah.
Chapter 7

Dark Waters

Posted January 10, 2018
Western / Fiction
51 views | 25 reviews

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Sarah is put to the test.
Chapter 8

Sarah's Ordeal

Posted January 13, 2018
Western / Fiction
50 views | 27 reviews

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A book by our own Alec Gould.

One man's take on life told thru humorous short stories from his childhood on into his mid-50's; from feeling like an outcast in school to being an adult. His intent: hope. Hope in that you shall see, no matter how rough life can seem -and is- at times, that you may be able to enjoy it. Each story will bring a laugh, a smile, a tear, a lesson.

The 23rd Annual Book Awards said:
"We Really Need To Laugh" shares “memories which will resonate with many readers. Overall a creative presentation of the author’s life given in a rather sing-song poetic story telling style; a pleasant read"

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