Word Play 2

***Invent 5 DAFFYNITIONS. List them and their new definitions, and use them in a sentence.***

Daffynitions came from a game played on the BBC Radio 4 comedy quiz show I'm Sorry I Haven't a Clue. Redefine an existing word.

Here are some examples from the program:
*antelope, to run off with your mother?s sister
*brouhaha, a jolly tea party
*coffee, someone who is coughed on
*diphthong, to wash an undergarment
*fecund, the one before fird
*gladiator, an unrepentant cannibal
*kindred, fear of one's own family
*relief, what trees do in spring
*scandal, footwear you should be ashamed of

(Adapted from Thoughtco.com)

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