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The Lamp Light Style Poetry was developed by FanStory member meeshu. Because it's summertime and because the poet extraordinaire could probably use a bit of a lift to his spirits about now, your entry should be a Lamp Light Style Poem [see all details below!] with a cheerful, uplifting theme for Summer. Choice of cheery topic is completely up to you, but, as always, your goal is to make us all smile so much that we have to vote for yours!! On your mark. Get set. Alliterate!

Lamp Light Style Poetry.
3 verses -- 4 lines each -- syllable count-- line one-10, line two-5, line three-3 line four-1.
Choose ANY three consonant sounds: example R,S,T.
line 1--R (alliterated) 10 syls.
line 2--S (alliterated) 5 syls.
line 3--S (alliterated) 3 syls.
line 4--S 1 syl.
line 1--T (alliterated) 10 syls.
line 2--R (alliterated) 5 syls.
line 3--R (alliterated) 3 syls.
line 4--R 1 syl.
line 1--S (alliterated) 10 syls.
line 2--T (alliterated) 5 syls.
line 3--T (alliterated) 5 syls.
line 4--T 1 syl.

a lonesome lion leads me to the lamp
for phoenix follows
freed from fire

the swollen seas shimmer from the shoreline
let last light linger
love not lost

first forgiveness, fortune's fate is finite
seek solid standing
soon sacred

any consonants you chose but the alliteration order is:
line 1-AA
lines 2,3,4-BB

line 5-CC
lines 6,7,8-AA

line 9-BB
lines 10,11,12-CC

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Deadline: Friday, July 12th at 08:32 AM EST.

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