Pecans or Dolphins or Both-Oh, My!

Poetry Contest

April 14th is BOTH Dolphin Day and Pecan Day...strange combination to be sure! :) Write a fun limerick about dolphins or pecans or, hey, put 'em both together in one if you like! Have fun and be creative! SPECIAL NOTE: Nobody's gonna count any syllables or anything, just make sure it IS a limerick: a humorous, frequently bawdy, verse of three long and two short lines of the rhyme scheme aabba. For example:

Can't believe it's true, must be a ruse.
It seems kids these days actually choose.
It's a very strange fad,
to dress up just like Dad.
Bell-bottom pants and big clunky shoes!
by Dwarvenkind

Make us laugh! Educate us! But, most of all, make us want to vote for yours! :) ;)

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