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Passionate Love in Black and White

Poetry Contest

Write a passionate love poem, any style, any length. Try to make us feel the heat and passion of your lovers without being vulgar or blatant. It has to be clean enough so you don't need to put any warnings on your poem.

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This is a poetry contest. Write a submission based on the above prompt. Think about those old romantic black and white movies where you could feel the heat and passion between the characters for most of the film, and then, you might get to see a kiss, and you would see them maybe going into the bedroom but they would close the door, leaving you to imagine the rest.
An example:

Our Zenith

We entwine
where he is
where I am
there are
no separations
we are one

Our kisses
send us
the moon and stars

Our eyes
our lips
our everything
makes us moan
with pleasure

No air conditioner
could cool our heat

We move and explore
each other
until we reach
our zenith

slowly we sigh
resting in
each others' arms
content in our love
and togetherness

we are one
we are one
we are one

And from chapter 38 from my book The Power of Words

Ocean of Love

An iced cold coke
hot music,
and a
wonderful picnic
under the
summer sun
with a
hot blooded
shimmering in the

unspoken longing
electricity sparks
between us,
dark eyes gleaming
muscles bulging
heart panting
with longing
and dreams.

He takes my hand
I feel the energy course
through me
making me smile,
skinny dipping in the
ice cold
waters of the ocean
the taste of salt
on my lips
as we come together.

Skinny dipping
so sensual
mysterious, daring,
and exciting,
like sneaking a smoke
behind the school

Your face, lover,
is aglow, fascinating
enchanting, and divine.

not a sin,
a joy, and a rapture
not of this earth.

The ocean rocks us
and cools our
impassioned heart
We are one body
in the
ocean of love. Kathryn Varuzza originally created this popular writing prompt contest.

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