Comments For In the life by Boogienights

Love this one!

A powerful and sad piece.

Comments For Respect Each Life by LisaMay

This is so very delightful! What wonderful words of wisdom that they took with them from childhood onward. I love the story of helping the spider. I wished I had known about that good deed, as we have to hire an exterminator every Fall.

Comments For A Tangled Web by C2

The success of bug catching in the spider's world.

Comments For Summer Fun by Erika Seshadri

A fun filled gloriously encapsulated by the writer. Kudos!

Comments For A Spider's Cruel Fate by Midi O'Rourke

Too good!

Comments For Skies of Sun and Rain by Wils

It flows, beautiful, rhymes every other line.

Comments For Night Skater by magic dragon

This was my favourite. "A Tangled Web" was good too.

Chapter 19 B
Seth joins Emma's teenage youth group.