Contest Vote For Write a Cinquain

The voting has ended. Showing the final vote count.

9 votes Jesus by pharp
8 votes Wordsmith by HarryT
5 votes Moonlight by Diana L Crawford
5 votes Benjamin by Debbie Pope
4 votes Silence by Y. M. Roger
2 votes Doggy by Ogden
2 votes Blowball by Ignatius Albright
1 Vote Heaven by Patty Palmer
1 Vote Doctor by tld100
No Votes Voices by angel123

Comments For Jesus by pharp

Every word is placed perfectly and meets the contest requirements in a well-thought out manner. The content is spiritually inspiring and works together as one piece.

Originally presented. Impactful. Head and shoulders above the rest...

Comments For Wordsmith by HarryT

closest to the intent of the rules

Comments For Moonlight by Diana L Crawford

This is a real good poem.

Comments For Benjamin by Debbie Pope

This poem was very accurate in its descriptions. Also, the baby was really cute and went well with the poem.

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