Comments For I Am Whatever by DragonSkulls

I get your humour my friend, loud and clear! I detect a touch of cynicism (just a touch, mind), but maybe your tether has been stretched a wee bit. I loved the poem; found it to be entertaining, and pretty damn honest. What's wrong with honesty? Views should be allowed to be voiced, whether they come from a cynic, an idealist, a religious person or from the Devil himself. Or from someone who looks at the world and sighs...and who won't touch anything from China. Good luck!

Comments For I Am Unquestionably Me by MamaBebop

First, I love the concept of the puzzle piece without a puzzle and the puzzle missing a piece. Second, the poet's willingness to be vulnerable and deeply personal. Third, her dreams for family and community, personal and political, are so relatable. A real standout among many other worthy selections!

Comments For I am Irish by JLR

This reminds me so much of my father

Comments For I Am Worried and Empathetic by HarryT

Right on.

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