Comments For The Price of Peace by Jeffrey L. Michaux

We can't be reminded too often of this shamefully continuing problem.

Easily the best of the lot!

The message was so strong!

This poem touched my heart. Shirley

Comments For Love's Echoing Refrain by Mrs. KT

just lovely

Comments For Artist by DragonSkulls

Guidance I can respond to.

Comments For my garden by flylikeaneagle

I like the simplicity and the images and word choices

Awesome, Nancy!

Comments For A Floral Fad? by Debbie Pope

Pink can be a reason all its own, but not much of one, a difficult decision, but yes, pink.

Comments For One day by Chrissy710

A good poem showing love and care for a mother and a daughter.

Comments For On Call by judiverse

A great tribute to all mammas and their endless love and care for their children

Comments For Kindness by C. Gale Burnett

The fruits of kindness!

Comments For Divorce by Coco Jane

It punched me in the gut with its stark reality.

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