Comments For Decision at The Redhead by Mastery

Once I start, I cannot stop reading these chapters. This one may be my favorite one yet. Simply excellent!

The Cleve Hawkins series is a joy to read. The reader can slip in anywhere in the series and get lost in the flow. Decision at the Redhead is no exception. The plot, writing, dialogue and flow are seamless. Very believable and the bits of dry humor sprinkled throughout make you laugh out loud. Top notch reading.

Red heads... Yes great stuff... thar she blows

Comments For Veronica's Despair by sandramitchell

This seems to follow smoothly the other chapters in the book the author is creating. It held my interest and peaked the interest in the whole project.

Comments For Nick Tells Misty What Troubles Him by BeasPeas

Great drama and suspense and well-written. lj

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Adventures in lawnmowing.