Comments For The old Drive-in! by phil nelson

Super! I felt I know the author by the great descriptive words/phrases!

I can relate to this easily.

Good meter, graceful rhyming pattern, and a good mental image of decades past.

This one has universal appeal.

Comments For The Lone Ranger by RichardFann

Adventurous exciting write. lj

Heartfelt remembrance and regrets.
Great poetic work and positive encouragement.

Thank you for writing something about the native American Indians... Finally...

Comments For The Giggling Runaway by Elizabeth Grey

The only reason I can really call up is I was told when I was 18-months old, my mother took me to a meeting at a friend's house, and I ran away with a little boy, about the same age as myself, who was there. It just struck such a chord.

Comments For Chochee Remembers the Good Old Days by gmartinez247

Remembers the good old days just put in perspective how good it was back then - the respect the honor the good in people - a time I reflect back on and miss dearly compared to this world today

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