Contest Vote For Six Line Poem

The voting has ended. Showing the final vote count.

10 votes Thunderstorm by RodG
9 votes Smiles by BlueMarble
7 votes Father by Janice Canerdy
6 votes Progress by Tootie
5 votes Scissors by HarryT
4 votes Game over by Blue Hendrix
4 votes A Feathered Menace by Ogden
4 votes Michael Left a Trail of Crumbs by Brigitte Elko
4 votes Finally! by elmorose
2 votes Puppy Play by gramag4
1 Vote Nurse to Patient by Joe Grace II

Comments For Thunderstorm by RodG

Great flow of words, thought and poetic rhyme.

I like the vividness and immediacy shown in the details.

Comments For Smiles by BlueMarble

This is an excellent poem, one with such a positive message, I couldn't resist voting for it! Kudos, author!

made me smile reading this!

Comments For Father by Janice Canerdy

Full of wisdom, soul, and realization. Simple, easy rhyming pattern with a beautiful message.

So sweet.

Comments For Progress by Tootie

Shazam! "Awesome Presentation!"
A lot said in only six lines. The message is crystal clear to me. Thank, God, I wasn't the man in reference--"Ouch!" The effects will last for the whole of his life.

Comments For Scissors by HarryT

Creative write.

From our own Sandra Leon-Gonzalez:

Introducing Life Through Poetry and Art. Enjoy poetry reflecting the highs and lows of life, but ultimately seeing the light in every situation.

Having experienced tough challenges and learning to bounce back from life’s inevitable setbacks, she desires to share hopefulness, even when it seems that all is lost.

These poems are about a life’s journey through self-evaluation, seeing oneself in a positive space while asserting self-empowerment, growth and acceptance of the “new you”. The author also points out that it is important to identify negative energy, deflect them in their path, and forge ahead to the best part of oneself while embracing the beauty of art and poetry.

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The Soul That Had No Name
A poem about how if you don't wise up the caverns await.