Contest Vote For Six Line Poem

The voting has ended. Showing the final vote count.

10 votes Thunderstorm by RodG
9 votes Smiles by BlueMarble
7 votes Father by Janice Canerdy
6 votes Progress by Tootie
5 votes Scissors by HarryT
4 votes Game over by Blue Hendrix
4 votes A Feathered Menace by Ogden
4 votes Michael Left a Trail of Crumbs by Brigitte Elko
2 votes Puppy Play by gramag4
1 Vote Nurse to Patient by Joe Grace II

Comments For Thunderstorm by RodG

Great flow of words, thought and poetic rhyme.

I like the vividness and immediacy shown in the details.

Comments For Smiles by BlueMarble

This is an excellent poem, one with such a positive message, I couldn't resist voting for it! Kudos, author!

made me smile reading this!

Comments For Father by Janice Canerdy

Full of wisdom, soul, and realization. Simple, easy rhyming pattern with a beautiful message.

So sweet.

Comments For Progress by Tootie

Shazam! "Awesome Presentation!"
A lot said in only six lines. The message is crystal clear to me. Thank, God, I wasn't the man in reference--"Ouch!" The effects will last for the whole of his life.

Comments For Scissors by HarryT

Creative write.

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