Comments For Teenagers Today by Y. M. Roger

Tough choice between this and "Big Pharma" but had to pick just one....

Comments For Sunset by Jannypan (Jan)


Comments For Big Pharma by Chip Kuzborski

There were many great entries; however, this entry tackles a salient issue in our society, and it is very well written! :-)

Found this Alliterative poem very well-written. It didn't read like a string of words that had no meaning - each words was carefully chosen to point to the Title

Comments For God's Grace by gmartinez247

Upbeat and messaging of all listed entries, words, phrasing and paragraphs flowing through out the poem with word choices used.

Comments For ~~~~~~ It Is I ~~~~~~~ by Ogden

Got the picture very clearly, without obscure language and wrestled structure.

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