Comments For Finally Free by Tootie

Exceptional! A great message to women in abusive relationships.

You did an AWESOME job with your contest entry, Mystery Author. It reads well although it is poignant and so personal. I believe many women (and men, in an abusive situation) will identify strongly with your well-chosen words.

Comments For The Space Before Your Eyes by Polarpanda

I love the way the writer uses the word space as the emptiness in her eyes (or that?s how I perceive it). And then uses real space to describe that emptiness, or loneliness.

From our own Sandra Leon-Gonzalez:

Introducing Life Through Poetry and Art. Enjoy poetry reflecting the highs and lows of life, but ultimately seeing the light in every situation.

Having experienced tough challenges and learning to bounce back from life’s inevitable setbacks, she desires to share hopefulness, even when it seems that all is lost.

These poems are about a life’s journey through self-evaluation, seeing oneself in a positive space while asserting self-empowerment, growth and acceptance of the “new you”. The author also points out that it is important to identify negative energy, deflect them in their path, and forge ahead to the best part of oneself while embracing the beauty of art and poetry.

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The Soul That Had No Name
A poem about how if you don't wise up the caverns await.