Comments For Pursue The Mind That Bends by easyeverett1

Hi Easy,

This was an easy choice! Love this poem!

So many wonderful poems, Very hard choice.

Comments For The Crypt of the Forsaken by TheStoryMan

All exceptional entries. Love this new guy?s work. Although not really new. So glad you?re back!!!

Comments For Fog by Wolf Poet Sherry

Love her poetry style and heart.

Comments For The kind of cold by Hayley Zemontas

I found the details convincingly placed me inside the events of the poem.

This is a superlative reminder of what Winter?s all about.

This poem fairly invites the reader into another world. Well done.

Comments For My Love is Strong by nancy_e_davis

Superb!! Nancy's poetry has always been a delight to read.

Comments For When I Wake Up by tbacha58

Talking to one's self to become a willing for this writer who wants to change its life completely to grow the percentage wise positive than negative. A winner.

Comments For What You Have Sown by elmorose

Simple words that touched a nerve.

From our own Sandra Leon-Gonzalez:

Introducing Life Through Poetry and Art. Enjoy poetry reflecting the highs and lows of life, but ultimately seeing the light in every situation.

Having experienced tough challenges and learning to bounce back from life’s inevitable setbacks, she desires to share hopefulness, even when it seems that all is lost.

These poems are about a life’s journey through self-evaluation, seeing oneself in a positive space while asserting self-empowerment, growth and acceptance of the “new you”. The author also points out that it is important to identify negative energy, deflect them in their path, and forge ahead to the best part of oneself while embracing the beauty of art and poetry.

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The Soul That Had No Name
A poem about how if you don't wise up the caverns await.