Contest Vote For Final Words

The voting has ended. Showing the final vote count.

11 votes Thank You, Father. by Tootie
6 votes Check, Mate! by Dean Kuch
5 votes Last Words by Chris Davies
3 votes Gotta Go by Denise J Tidwell
3 votes Maybe ? by zanya
2 votes Death or Birth by Alain Trottier
1 Vote Until We Meet Again by moonsunrise

Comments For Thank You, Father. by Tootie

A heart wrenching entry.

What an awesome, but poignant, contest entry, Mystery Author.

Awesome way to depart this world knowing Jesus is there to receive my spirit.

"AWESOME!" The only word to offer up admiration, gratitude, and respect for the message you send out. The words knocked on the door of my heart. Indeed heart-wrenching!

Comments For Last Words by Chris Davies

there are several sad, real life accounts, but as a fiction writer, I liked this the best - understated last words! good ending.

Excellent surprise ending

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