Comments For Tear Down Your Wall! by visionary1234

Applicability to today's political 'fracturing' between the Executive branch and the rest of us.

Comments For Meticulous Busy Beeing by michaelcahill

Rather difficult choice, this just struck me.

Comments For Time by Janice Canerdy

Several outstanding entries in this contest...This one was fun to read.

Beautiful message and a perfect Quatern. Well written and thought out.

Superb rhyming coupled with a silky smooth meter. A great read indeed.

Comments For Winter's Arrival by Jannypan (Jan)

An awesome Quatern Writing Prompt Entry. A "SALUTE" to the Author! The white font/blue background makes for easy reading and is impressive. The image by Google reminds me of a late winter sunrise melting the snow and encouraging spring flowers. Thanks for sharing, best wishes and God Bless.

Both the poem and presentation are AWESOME!

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