Comments For Winter's Laughing Hills by Mrs. KT

my first impression was to smile. Poem aptly titled.

Comments For Eye of the Ocean by Y. M. Roger

The photo is eye catching and your poem revealing. Excellent entry!

A fantastic photo and good sense of styling with type and background color. Great poem too.

Comments For A Bit Ruff? by kahpot

Made me laugh out loud!

Comments For A Moving Performance by Debbie Pope

The words express the story without the aid of a picture. Very sweet sentiment.

Comments For The Proof is in the Pudding by Ogden

Big smiles:)

Comments For Woman and Leopard by Teresa Alford

Beautiful artwork showcased here.

Comments For Another Failed Idea by DragonSkulls

Too ridiculous to be anything other than the best impressionable presentation ... LOL!

Comments For Trapped By My Memories by Liberty Justice

Trapped by my memories reminds me of my thoughts that won't leave me alone. AWESOME!

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