Comments For The Pool by tfawcus

Beautiful imagery

Comments For I Miss You by Gloria ....

Beautiful work across the board and a tough choice. This one especially stuck with me. Lovely and poignant.

Wonderful craft and touching emotion.


Comments For Now I Lay Me Down to Weep by Dean Kuch

Once again, great job, DeanO. "B"

A masterpiece and well worth the win

Poignant, yet powerful.

Comments For A Magical Meeting by damommy

But what was it the wind...? Whatever it was well done, liked it a lot, of course

A beautiful fantasy!

I loved this. G

Best poet on the site.

Such a refreshing, enjoyable read. We all need fantasy in our lives at times even just to think about! Jan

Comments For Jack Nicklaus by Wabigoon

The most creative and original.

Comments For Stormy Daniels by Mark Valentine

Amazingly funny and disheartening. Good luck.

Comments For A Long Time Dead. by brenda bickers

If we let past struggles for freedom be forgotten, all gained by so much blood lost will slip through our grasp forever.

This is truly an exceptional poem...

Excellent write.

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