Comments For It Pays to Be Lovely by Ogden

and poetic too...

Comments For A Jewel of a Movie by Debbie Pope

creative, succinct, inner rhyming.

This is more of a review than some. Also, excellent word choice.

Comments For Patton by junglefighter

Great! :0

The author uses strong words to review a strong movie. In doing so, those words also describe the character of a 'no holds barred' general--the likes of which helped the US win decisive battles. The few words in the review sum up the movie well. The art + the well-chosen words create a memorable review. General Patton earned more fans by some after reading this! LL

In a style and language as if Patton himself was the reviewer. Well thought out and written. Last line leaves a punch. Great presentation. AWESOME! XX CD

Comments For Gone With The Wind by Sharon Meda

This was a tough one. There were many good entries! I guess maybe the black bird, black hearts got me - this fit quite well. You covered the movie in a few words even the film noir part. Good work!

well done and made me think of the movie that I always enjoyed watching!

Comments For Elsa--Wild or Tame? by Jannypan (Jan)

An awesome movie review of 'Born Free'! It is indeed a rare occasion when the King of the Beast acts with compassion and dignity as did Elsa. The author is to be commended as a movie critic. JF

Comments For I, Tonya by HarryT

Well done. Captures the gist of the movie as well as encapsulates the career of Ms. Harding.

Comments For Let me Suck Your Blood by Liberty Justice

Very suspenseful and shocking exciting. Loved the movie Twilight Moon about Bella who falls in love with a vampire and a werewolf.

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