Comments For Price Tags by Mike J


Comments For Our Voices Demand Justice by Liberty Justice

Love message of justice in this poem and photo of 4 ex presidents.l.

Comments For Bully, Bully by Priest B. Brown

The arrogance of powerful men often takes its toll on the defenseless.

A book by our Michael Hogan

Sebastian and the Invisible Island tells the tale of a young boy stranded on a mysterious island where his only hope for rescue lies in feuding extraterrestrials who also yearn for home.

“This is a great book to enjoy between parent and preteens or younger. It drew us with its intriguing tropical island setting, heroics and strange goings on.” -Sally

“Excellent reading material for the age group. A breath of fresh air for young people in an area that is growing darker.” –Robert

Available in Kindle ($2.99) and paperback ($9.97).

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