Comments For Nevermore by Dean Kuch

Who is better than Dean?

Comments For Timeless by rspoet

A fabulous peom


Monolith and Before the Dawn were close runner ups for my vote.

All three were crafted with finesse and artistry and highly expressive. Powerful and memorable.

I voted for this one because of how it made me feel as well as the musicality read aloud and the tasteful presentation. But it was a close call indeed.

Some mighty fine poets here on site!

Comments For Older by RGstar

Absolutely gorgeous.

Comments For Held by YNWA

The most moving. It stays with you long after it?s read.

Among many worthy nominees, this was the most evocative: an honest, beautifully descriptive, bittersweet look at old age. Great poetry.

You capture some of that personal and faded glory in your well-penned and memorable piece.

Comments For Stinging Desire by Gloria ....

Exceptional in every way.

Well written and versed poem. l.

Just beautiful.

I dare say, no other site can match this lineup.

This is simply stunning.

Comments For An orphan... by royowen

So sad.

Comments For Drunk on Love or Something Else by kiwigirl2821

it's raw, powerful and real!

Comments For Porcelain by James H. Oldfield

Lovely story.

Comments For Then, Let Go by michaelcahill


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