Contest Vote For Three Line Poem

The voting has ended. Showing the final vote count.

13 votes What Water Whispers by michaelcahill
6 votes Walking Life's Twisted Path by Sharon Meda
5 votes Baby's Smile by judiverse
4 votes fear by joeruptak
4 votes the year twenty eighteen by elainec4
3 votes Me Poet? Ha-ha by ameen786
1 Vote Dreaming by HarryT
1 Vote My True North by rjuselius
1 Vote Humbug by JDLovesWriting

Comments For What Water Whispers by michaelcahill


Maybe the finest short piece I've ever read. Stands out even in this fine company.

These are all good. This one seems wise, says so much in such few words

This poem is rich in its meaning - lessons we all can learn

Loved it! xx

Comments For the year twenty eighteen by elainec4


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