Contest Vote For Poetry of 1950's Slang & References

The voting has ended. Showing the final vote count.

10 votes Ode to a Decade by Mark Valentine
8 votes Soda Fountains & Sock Hops by IndigoLady
7 votes Deadman's Curve by Dean Kuch
5 votes The 1950's by pome lover
2 votes I can dig it! by Bar62

Comments For Soda Fountains & Sock Hops by IndigoLady

This is the 1950's to the tee.
Very descriptive and humorous.

Comments For Deadman's Curve by Dean Kuch

Wonderful writing and fun!! xx

It's as if I were right there, experiencing the action!
My choice...

I like that this elaborated on one event with the correct 50s slang/attitude.

Comments For The 1950's by pome lover

So many good ones, but I relate to this one the most.

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