Contest Vote For 5-7-5 Poem

The voting has ended. Showing the final vote count.

11 votes Bound by Brotherhood by Dean Kuch
5 votes Finale by jaded831
5 votes autumn eulogy by DALLAS01
5 votes A Word From the Wise by Ogden
3 votes Loving Life by Boogienights
2 votes Fearsome by Brett Matthew West
1 Vote Lonesome love by rjuselius
1 Vote Air by Bichon
1 Vote Robots rule ! by zanya

Comments For Bound by Brotherhood by Dean Kuch

Deeply moving, whether or not the reader served also.

We should all learn from this example of a strong bond between generations to will overcome ALL obstacles.

best for me

Poignantly profound!

Comments For Finale by jaded831

Captures new love beautifully.

Comments For autumn eulogy by DALLAS01


Comments For Air by Bichon

Inspirational with good choice of photo.

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