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How To Write A Book


If you want to write a book it all starts with an idea. Perhaps you have a story roughly drawn out in your head or you have already starting writing your book. The first step is to write these steps down. The first part of your book (before Chapter 1) is an outline of what your chapters will contain. Don't add chapter numbers now. Just a bullet list of what happens in each stage of your book.

Getting Started

Traditionally when you start on your book it is in a room away from all beings. That approach is still a good one. But the internet offers resources. At FanStory you can get feedback for every chapter of your book as you write it. Even if in a rough outline stage. Other writers can help you work on your writing while you keep your copyright. Write a book alone but with a team of authors available to help you along the way. Click here for more information.


Feedback is a valuable tool for an author. However, the wrong feedback can hurt. Family and friends may mean well when they give you feedback. But, at best, they are biased. And more importantly do not want to hurt your feelings. Feedback from other writers can be invaluable in helping you write a book. How to write a book is as important as the feedback you receive. At FanStory you'll get feedback for every chapter that you write. This feedback can go a long way to helping you improve your book and also your writing skills.


The end game for some writers is motivation. You have other responsibilities and they can distract you from your writing. Sometimes the best course is to write about something else. Give the novel a chance to cook on the back burner while you write a short story or poem on the front burner. At FanStory we provide writers like you writing contests that you can enter. Writing a poem about something completely different from your book is a great way to get the creative juices flowing.


A common misconception is that by sharing your writing online could cost you your copyright. At FanStory you keep your copyright and all rights to your writing. When you set your profile to private (an option from your settings page) you turn FanStory into a private community just for you. Your writing isn't shared on Google or any search engine. You can also register your copyright using FanStory's copyright feature! Yes, FanStory is for writers looking to get published and we understand the importance of keeping your viewing audience small. More Information.

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You can start writing your first chapter now. Write a book with the support of a community while keeping your motivation strong. Click here to get started.

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