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Creative writing begins with one idea. Take that idea and make it into your own. You don't have to do it alone.

Writing on FanStory is a unique, creative and rewarding experience. You can share your writing with other writers for feedback. Yes, other writers are available to help you through the creative process. Share your poems, stories, book chapters and other forms of writing. Get detailed feedback for everything you write and become a better writer.

Learn from feedback that will be written on everything you write. Usually you will get your first comment five minutes after you share it.
Enter creative writing contests for free. New contests are made available every day. Often with cash prizes.
No matter what your age or skill level you can improve. Get feedback, learn from that feedback and improve.
Be a part of a writing community. Watch your writing improve as you get feedback, enter contests and grow as a writer. All skill levels welcomed.

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Getting started with your creative writing is easy. Click here to create your account. Once you do that you'll have your own profile and portfolio.

Enter creative writing contests for free

When you are ready to post your first story, poem or book chapter simply choose the "Write" menu. Or if you are entering a creative writing contest you can click on the buttton provided in the contest announcement.

Be a part of writing community

Sharing your writing is easy. You can either type in your work using our online editor. Or you can copy and paste from your own word processor into the online word processor we provide.

After you post your writing you'll get feedback. Your creative writing will receive all types of feedback from other writers. Don't worry, it's a fantastic community and they'll give you constructive and helpful comments. Everyone is friendly and supportive. So let your creativity flow!