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Dressed In Drag

Three Nights Aweek

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Comment from nor84
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This is the sponsor's topic for this contest: Write a story about a guy who deserves or doesn't deserve to be curse to change at the light of the full moon into a woman....
PLEASE NOTE: there are further requirements shown by the sponsor in the area of the voting booth. Please be sure to always read the entire rules. This is a portion of what it says in the voting booth instructions:
1000-3000 Words
No holds barred on swearing.
The newly transformation must spend a night out in Boots

I noticed that your word count is significantly below 1000 words, and I'm not sure you're on topic. I hope this helps, and good luck in the contest.

 Comment Written 08-Aug-2017

reply by the author on 08-Aug-2017
    Well I hope this passes muster
Comment from Sis Cat
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An important and informative essay about men dressing in drag sixty-three years ago. Actually, men have dressed in drag in many cultures for centuries--Shakespeare's Juliet and Lady Macbeth were played by men in drag. But here you appear to focus on American men in the 1950's before drag became chic.

Your essay informs us that some men dressed in drag as often as thrice a week to entertain or fool others.

A drawback to your American Were Woman story are your many spelling and punctuation errors. Here are suggested edits. Compare to your original:

Three nights a week you could forget who you were. It was a way for men to earn extra money for college. Dressing in drag was a thing of mystery so much they couldn't believe the transformation.

Back in the spotlight, over sixty-three years ago men dressed in drag as many as three nights a week. They could express themselves dressed in woman's clothing to entertain folks. Back then it was for entertainment while they were trying to make a go of it.

They did it for many reasons--some personal, others because they enjoyed fooling others into thinking they were female. Over the years they were known as female impersonators. Some became famous and top performers. Many just liked to dress in drag and parade across the stage. Many were straight and not gay, making good money to support their families so they could get by. It is still big business in today's society.

This is an important essay I recommend you revise for the contest. One thing you omitted was a discussion of class and race, because drag varies by culture and economic status. You also left out men in drag working as prostitutes. Your essay needs more research and perhaps actual examples in history of men in drag.

Thank you for sharing your important essay. I wish you success in the contest after your revision.

 Comment Written 19-Jul-2017

reply by the author on 19-Jul-2017
    Hope you find this passable
reply by Sis Cat on 19-Jul-2017
    You improved it. Thanks.
Comment from Walu Feral
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G'day Anon.

"Over the years they were known as female impersonators.somebecame very" (Spaces needed.)

" and parade across the stage.(Space and capital M)many were"

It is huge here, in the Philippines. Everywhere you go they are there and sometimes it's so hard to pick if they are male or female lol.

Good luck in the contest.

Cheers Fez

 Comment Written 19-Jul-2017

reply by the author on 19-Jul-2017
    Thank you for your support