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Comment from I am Cat
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Hello Jay,
Welcome to the Book of the Month Booth... again. And congratulations... I found myself (at first), not wanting to read this BECAUSE I started feeling a little superstitious... I'm NOT superstitious (not usually) but, that being said... If I do somehow stop writing and become (what you call) blocked... I'm coming back here to personally kick your review box ass! LOL
I've been on quite a roll for awhile now... (more years than I care to speak out loud) and I really really don't want to jack it up. lol
I found myself, though.... truly enjoying this...
most especially....
My favorite part:

I don't feel like writing. Okay. Accept it. Then write. (I only do 2 hours per day.)
I'm sick, physically Ill. Sorry. Throw up. Poop. Write.
I put in 3 hours on my blog post today. Great! Now, put 2 more on your fantasy!
I forgot about my Grandchild's b-day party. Go! But when you get home--write
My wife won a 3-day trip to Disneyland. Go! Play! Have fun! Write 6 hours.

(throw up, poop, write. lolol... classic!) I laughed out loud... (something I usually reserve for times when actually people are in the room,and my dogs just looked at me like I've lost (what's left of) my mind. (not a great loss, by the way)
I found myself wondering what your country of residence is, because of some words choices...

...has proved itself again and again.... hmm... i'm not sure I've ever heard anyone say, "has proved"... we would have said, "has proven"... but someone with your obvious ability to articulate, I'm not about to attempt to call it wrong... I was just wondering where you live? I've found that when you write on the internet, you will come across people from all walks of life, and I will never question their way of speaking, or their language any longer, because we all have our own dialects and different ways of using English even. pantygynt (or as I call Jim, Gynt) has taught me that... I think he ''talks funny" and he has no idea why I don't understand what he's saying... so we have an understanding ) lol
I looked it up... Are you British? ;)

At any rate, i truly enjoyed this, and I will be stopping by your work more to get some... 'pointers' and I think I might try out your calendar trick (though admittedly I truly have nothing else in life to do but write. so.... if I force myself, i"m liable to truly f*ck myself up. ) LOL

Well done and good luck in the voting!
A virtual six from me (by virtue of the fact that I already shot my wad) :(

 Comment Written 27-Oct-2015

reply by the author on 27-Oct-2015
    I have everyone beat when it comes to squandering my 6's. I rarely get past Monday. Once, they were gone by Saturday night.

    anyway, Cat, I am not British. I live in Bakersfield, CA and have lived in California all my life. I pause every time I write "proven". It seems so right. But while "proven" as the verb form is allowed, it is discouraged. As an adjective, proven is the correct form.

    I'm so happy you enjoyed reading this post and are planning to read more. I have a post up now in my "Down and Out in San Antonio" series.

    Again, thanks, friend.
reply by I am Cat on 27-Oct-2015
    Really? You live in California? Proved? hmm... interesting. ;)
    My son and husband just arrived in California a few hours ago... my son, Landon was just hired by Nickelodeon Studios and is moving there... I'm here with the pups... Yeah... that empty nest thing. ;)

    Anyway, I will definitely look at the San Antonio piece, i had no idea you wrote about San Antonio... We lived there for 18 years... raised both kids there, and just moved further North about 2 1/2 years ago. My daughter is still there, going to UTSA. ;)
    So I know a bit about San Antonio.
    I look forward to reading your work.
Comment from kittykatnoel
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Wonderful, just wonderful. A couple of thoughts, in your drought you wrote more than I have ever dreamed of and my calendar is to get in 15 min. just 15 min. every day. Very encouraging, I also appreciate the link, I will be using that for sure.

 Comment Written 26-Oct-2015

reply by the author on 26-Oct-2015
    Definitely use it, Kitty. Since I started it AGAIN about 9 months ago, I haven't missed a session.
reply by kittykatnoel on 26-Oct-2015
    I meant draft, not sure what happened there. I already ordered it, and plan to use it as soon as I get to a printer to print.
Comment from ppersia
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This chapter is not just informative about writer's block but also entertaining. I like the personal style, including humor and anecdotes. You may want to add this relevant quotation: "Genius is one percent inspiration, ninety-nine percent perspiration" (Thomas Alva Edison).

 Comment Written 26-Oct-2015

reply by the author on 26-Oct-2015
    Thank you, So much for reading this. Happy you enjoyed it.
Comment from humpwhistle
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Jay, please forgive me, but a half pound of crap, is still a half pound of crap. I'm not saying this is crap. No. But I think encouraging people to write (and post) 'by the pound' sends the wrong message. An ounce of disciplined writing weighs more than a pound of letting it fly.
Just my opinion.

Peace, Lee

 Comment Written 26-Oct-2015

reply by the author on 26-Oct-2015
    I hear ya, Lee, and respect your opinion.
Comment from amahra
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Hey Jay,
Sorry it took me so long to read you. I'm really backed up in my reading. Love this piece on writing. I agree with you on just write it and don't worry about the spelling or sentence construction: just write. I've always done that. Now, having said that, get ready to snicker...I have never had writer's block. That's not to say I won't in the future. I've been writing for over thirty years, and it has never happened. I guess, it's because of when I decide to write. You see, I often get an idea in my head and I go immediately and write it down. Usually when I write my novellas, I've already decided, in my head, what the beginning and the ending of the novella will be. Otherwise I don't write. But, getting back to your writing. As always, Jay, your writing is interesting, informative and well written. Good job, My good man.

 Comment Written 18-Sep-2015

reply by the author on 18-Sep-2015
    Thank you my dear Ama. I've been missing you. Have you been away from FS or just away from critting? And when can we expect your witchy yarn back? Your six is a blessing, Ama. Thank you.
Comment from Spiritual Echo
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Can I say, of course I can, but let me rephrase that...may I say that it is fascinating to 'chisel' beyond the shell, deep into the guts of another human being, be it a lover, a friend or the new phenomenon of an on-line personality. Every turn of a phrase is both personal and muted, an exploration of a sanctuary, yet gilded with intellectual properties that allows the relationship to mature and develop while the writer still holds the reins. Yes indeed, the architect of emotional nudity allows the strangers to observe, but is not vulnerable.

I love when you dive into philosophy, and so I shall respond to the thought rather than the writing. You've got that thing nailed.

Contrary to your snickers, I don't believe in writers' block. Unless you define the pause between active participation in an aspect of the person who can write, but chooses not to. Chew on that.

As close as I can get to understanding how a person with technical skills to communicate in print is a reluctance to write, is an appreciation that writing is not the definition of a man or woman, but the expression of the essence.

I'm a great cook, but I choose not to make dinner. There are times when a person shuts down, pulls out the armour and hibernates.

Some people, like you, create disciplines to allow time for each aspect of their 'essence', and then there are manic idiots like me that can sit for thirty hours and write non-stop barely leaving the computer to pee.

When I can't negotiate, touch base with my inner core, I stop writing. Ask me to pound out ad-copy for a vacuum cleaner and I'll do it in a heartbeat, even during this period of evacuation, but writer's block...

 Comment Written 16-Sep-2015

reply by the author on 16-Sep-2015
    You leave the computer to pee? Of course I live alone.

    I have produced some decent writing. I don't like to write though. I despise the two hours of stuttery, stumbling, word-stringing before I get to the flow. It's almost always 2 hours out. Just about every good thing I've written has come from the flow. I hate those two hours of warm up. I hate it so much that if I didn't have the calendar to check off, I'd rarely get to the flow.

    I do believe there are people, like you, who need the high of the creativity drug to keep going. I've proven for 55 years of writing that I can do without the drug. But it's not a happy doing.

    I loved what you wrote here, in response to my post. And read the first paragraph as a quote and thought, "Damn, that IS good, but I don't remember writing it." Seriously!

    I have to make some important decisions about the direction of my writing soon. I'd love to bounce my dilemma off you if you don't mind.

    Until then, thank you for taking so much valuable time answering my post. You are valuable to me here.
Comment from Adri7enne
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I read this back several days ago and I should have reviewed it then. Busy, busy! I have so many tasks tugging at me as the seasons change. Your post makes total sense and sounds like a way to discipline one's self into a writer. But, right now, it just seems to make me feel even more guilty. You make a good case, though.

 Comment Written 16-Sep-2015

reply by the author on 16-Sep-2015
    Excuse me for not going into detail with my Thanks, but I've answered this. It's frustrating to do about 20 crits and push the send button only to find they vanished. ARRRRGH!
Comment from Green Lake Girl
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Super good post, Jay. It hit home in a couple of places. I tend to think a great deal about a scene or chapter before actually putting my fingers on the keyboard. I ought to just punch the keys and fix it later as you point out.

But kicking my muse out?? She's the spark in my keyboard, the harlot in my head, the fun streak, the creative one. If I booted her, I'd have to resort to writing technical manuals, or worse, recipes.

I've always been a bit baffled by "writer's block." Is it just another phrase for procrastination or is it that you really can't think what to write next in your story? I find I know WHAT I want to write, but it's the HOW to say it that gets me. You know--the best possible choice of words, the right emotion, the right chain of events, etc, etc.

Anyhow, thoroughly enjoyed this post. So sorry about your computer crashing. I think I'd be suicidal.


 Comment Written 15-Sep-2015

reply by the author on 16-Sep-2015
    I felt suicidal myself. But if I were dead who would I have to beat up for not backing up my material in the first place. It was my own damn fault!

    Anyway, thank you so much for reading this. It's getting quite a response. I hope it can help one or two people stay at the task.
Comment from marion
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Hi Jay

Well you can see I thoroughly enjoyed this post! And I mean thoroughly. There is too much to list in what I like, but here is one example of good captive writing:

Allow me to get personal. For close to a year, ending January 1st 2013, I was smack dab in the middle of the biggest writing drought I'd ever experienced. The Sahara Desert of droughts!

I've never had writer's block, thank god ... and with many one sentence short story openers sitting in my computer, ready to launch into full blown story, I hope it never happens!

I like your discipline line up - 1 to 5. I am the same, write every day, and give myself only the odd day off. I found by doing this, when I wrote my YA novel (never written a adult novel) I became so close to my characters that I was scared to leave them for a week's holiday, because we wouldn't be as close anymore!

I have no comment on the writing, it read well, you kept us interested all the way through with the touches of humour. And the inspiring information is helpful. I see the early post had two spaces behind the sentences - I just read an article that this is a cardinal sin and a so called insult to publishers, but also see that your updated section drops to one space between sentences. (see I am observant!)

Well done on this one,

 Comment Written 15-Sep-2015

reply by the author on 16-Sep-2015
    I am so blessed having a critter like you reading my posts. When you like it, you tell me so. When you don't, you tell me so. I embrace both. Yes, the double space after a period. When it is drilled into you when learning a skill that ultimately synapses right past thought, it's hard to make a change later. I don't think I'll ever be able to use one space without thinking about it.
Comment from Turtle... who?
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Hi, Jay,

I read through your chapter on writer's block. I think this topic is great for the audience at hand. It's one that will strick a cord in a common thread that weaves us together as a community. It is also eye opening for those baby bird writers who may not yet realize the depths of practice it takes to fly. That you can't just fly when you want, you have to use those wings and often, working up a sweat, even when you'd rather hop around instead. And even experienced writers step up to the branch and look down and sometimes wonder... now, was it right wing up left wing down first, or ... stretch jump flap? flap jump don't stretch?

Author Honore de Balzac[,] boasted that the daily volume of his writing was so
(I paused on this comma, wasn't sure it was needed)

Now ... let the work begin!
(That is what I like November for... word vomiting... I also like word vomiting onto real paper. There's something about the texture and effort of erasing or scratching out words that keeps a forward motion that backspace doesn't quiet allow for the same. The theme of this post is fun, and at the same time, geared for the serious writer. I like the start with the quote to move into the topic.)

"Why'd I ever think I could write?"
(Those thoughts are with me all the time. 'I should have stuck with painting, or sculpting, or playing video games'. 'I will never succeed in my meager inspirations.' *sigh* yep. Though I'm not so much devoted to writing as persistently obsessed with one project here and there.)

home--write(.) (maybe add the period?)
which I STUPIDLY hadn't backed up since I thought Scrivener automatically did).
(Oh man, how devastating. I remember you mentioning this to me once. Even hearing it the second time it's still redevastating, and now that I've seen bits of the Trining, it's even more devastatingly cringe worthy.)

I was driving while procrastinating
(This here is a memorable thought/ parallel/comparison/ of using procrastination as a inhibiting addiction/ crutch. I appreciated the truth of this image. This image is what bumped me to six stars)

never again to fall off my calendar wagon.
(An aggressive goal and understandable for serious writers honing a real craft. I am a person who wants to play one song on the piano... so I keep trying at that one song. I am not a piano player. A writer has to learn how to play the pencil, rain and shine, and that takes constant practice, not just the desire to play one song.)

The killing the muse angle was really amusing and fun.

 Comment Written 15-Sep-2015

reply by the author on 16-Sep-2015
    Turtle, you amaze me at the depth to which you go to appreciate the intentions of a post. Sometimes you go deeper than I went and I say, "Yes, that's what I meant." keep coming back, girl, with or without your sixes. Your assistance is gold!