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Smart Religion?

Earthly thinking can never understand the Bible.

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Comment from royowen
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Great imagination you've used here my brother, to uphold the brotherhood that adheres to sound doctrine and the true "brotherhood" of "decent" believers, indeed, fancy forgiving whores! I'm Just joking, Dennis, brilliant draught of what we all could become, if blinded by our own sense of righteousness. What a sad thing it is to live in that self delusion. One reviewer replied to a poem I wrote "you mean being a good citizen and doing the right thing isn't enough?" I simply said, yes! Well done, bro Dennis, may His wisdom follow you always, blessings, Roy.

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 Comment Written 17-Jul-2015

reply by the author on 17-Jul-2015
    Thank you dear brother and I pray your writings for the wonderful Lord be used to help and uplift many in this tired old world. I hope you got my most recent review of your good work...perhaps I wrote it and forgot to send it? :) It happens these days! :) Blessings, Dennis
reply by royowen on 17-Jul-2015
    I'm not sure Dennis, "Dark conceives..." But thanks anyway, approval and support is enough dear brother, YBIC. blessings Roy
reply by the author on 17-Jul-2015