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My Story (Edited)

I can still taste the metal of the .357 in my mouth...

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Comment from Sally Law
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I don't give sixers to just anyone. This is so well done and pulled me into every low and high point. Your salvation is just what I hoped for as I read along. I thank Him for his relentless love towards me and for the day he saved my life and set me free from sin. I hope to see some more writing from you real soon. This piece was divinely powerful!

God's richest blessings on you and yours,

 Comment Written 16-Sep-2018

Comment from Gypsy Blue Rose
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LOL okay, I guess that shot says it all. I apologise. It was insensitive of me and it won't happen again.

This was an excellent story, Dean. You are a brilliant writer and I am glad I dug this out of the FS vault. Great job!


I love you,

 Comment Written 15-Mar-2016

reply by the author on 15-Mar-2016
    I'm not the least bit offended concerning your thoughts on my pseudonym, darlin'. You are just as entitled to your opinion as anyone. My ancestry is German, however, at least 50% of it is, as all my ancestors fled Germany just prior to WWII to avoid Adolf Hitler's Nazi regime. They were wise enough to see what was looming on the horizon. Our name was carried across the "Big Pond" as Kuch, and became Cook through a clerical mistake. So to honor their bravery, courage, and foresight, I chose to use the last name "Kuch" for publishing purposes. Anyone who's familiar with German realizes that "ch" on the end of any word spoken or written in German produces a hard "kuh" sound. Besides, it is already plastered on more published stories in magazines, in author dedications in books, as well as several other places for me to even begin to think of changing it now.

    As for religion, I have little use for organized religion myself, but I do go to church. We do a lot of volunteer work there, and I find it very rewarding. The thing you have to watch in selecting a church is that the minister preaches form the Bible--God's Word--and has not rewritten it in his or her own interpretation to fit their own beliefs. God's Word is just that--His FINAL Word--and it is never to be deviated from when preached or teaching others.

    As for giving your heart to the Lord, you don't have to do that in a church, nor does it have to be a performed ritual by a priest, minister, or preacher.

    Matthew 18:20 says, For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them. That simply means that if just you and one other person are present, and you ask God to come into your life to transform it an give you peace and everlasting life, He will do so. A formal setting isn't a requirement, at least not in His eyes. I gave my life over to God in a church because I felt compelled to do so. But that doesn't make my any more apt to enter God's Kingdom that a junkie who had a friend hold their hand and ask for God's forgiveness, grace, and guidance on some filthy floor of some toilet in a crack house somewhere. Do you get what I'm saying? All you really need to do is simply ask.

    I'm glad you read this. It's a moment in my life that changed me in a very spiritually profound way.

    I truly love you for doing so...

reply by Gypsy Blue Rose on 15-Mar-2016
    okay, i will give you my personal thoughts on this in a private message, i don't want all of fanstory to read my answer. thank you for responding to my review.
reply by the author on 15-Mar-2016
    Okey doke.
reply by the author on 15-Mar-2016
    Damn it...I got cut off!
    Thanks, Gypsy. By a personal message, do you mean by email, or here?

reply by Gypsy Blue Rose on 15-Mar-2016
    All it's good, no worries. :)

    *gypsy hug*
reply by the author on 15-Mar-2016
    That's really relieving to know...
    ~Dean ;)
reply by Gypsy Blue Rose on 15-Mar-2016
    I went to change my review for this, and I got shot. LOL, I did not know what I was doing, forgive me. I reviewed this in bed this morning as soon as I woke up. Obviously I was not thinking right. I am sorry, Dean.
    *gypsy hugs*
reply by the author on 15-Mar-2016
    Nothing to be sorry about, darlin' I'm kinda out of it too when I first get up, LOL.

    HUGE Hugs,
    Much Luvs...
    ~Dean  photo b5f53a05-aafb-4a00-86f7-97ff1e93fe2e_zpsm9a0bxot.png photo blacky heart emo_zpsotdtw04f.jpg
reply by Gypsy Blue Rose on 15-Mar-2016
    Yay! The black heart and the Grimster is back. I luv that guy.

    Uff! I am glad you are not mad about that, I would hate to make you mad. When I went back to change my review I got shot! Was that for mua? LOL
    *gypsy luvs*
reply by the author on 15-Mar-2016
    I have no clue what you mean by "got shot", darlin' What happened?
Comment from lightink
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Dean, this is one of the most strikingly spiritual story I ever read! Your experience is beyond everything one could hope forma beloved friend or family member when they are at the edge of ending it all. There was something that really had to end, all the rage and pain weighing you down - and it did! What a divine intervention! You got a special gift that day. And I believe the story of the heart attack was one of the obstacles the voice talked about. Once a meditation teacher of mine said that " once you are on the right track, all the demons of the subconscious (or the universe) comes to see you to derail you. It happened to Jesus and Buddha and so many... This is the meaning I make of all of this. It's my interpretation... for what it worth...
Thank you for this gift of sharing this with me!

 Comment Written 02-Feb-2016

reply by the author on 03-Feb-2016
    It really shook me up, Jyoti. I've never been quite the same since.
    It's so kind of you to take the time to read this and share your thoughts with me about my experience. I was flown to Georgia to be on Dr. James Merritt's church program, Touching Lives, when I submitted my testimony for a contest the ministry was sponsoring. I got to tell my story there as well, on national television. I was pretty nervous. I'm not one much for drawing attention to myself, but I wanted others to hear my story.
    Thanks again for reading it. It was a gift I was given that day.
    No doubts about it.
    ~Dean :)
Comment from mikemagine
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Wow! What a transformation! I've never seriously contemplated suicide, Dean, but I've wanted to be dead more than once. I've always been afraid of dying and death. Heck, I've been afraid of many things most of my life. To this day I have a fair amount of fear.

I believe in God, and I am a born again Christian. I made a commitment in Jan. 86. My life had reached hell on earth. I was living a sickening life and God finally allowed me to have the hell scared out of me.

I've recommitted my life to Him more'n once. I believe it's necessary in my case. As a bipolar with multiple addictions - oh yeah, I need God!!

Thanks for sharing this, Dean. I think we both know that though He doesn't always seem to be listening, He hears. I tend to get mad at Him a lot during crunch time. I hate my severe arthritis and THERE's a crunch time! - along with my other health problems, and I'm frustrated that I can't get a halfway decent job.

You're about my age, Dean, and I know that you've had it worse than me. I recall our talks from a couple or few months ago...

I admire you for sticking it out during the many trials and tribulations in your life!

True, it IS largely God who provides, but YOU accepted his plan and you continue to do so!

Peace in abundance to you and yours!!


 Comment Written 24-Dec-2014

reply by the author on 24-Dec-2014
    Thanks so much for reading it, Mike. I know it's rather lengthy but God had been gnawing away at me to get it down on paper, so to speak, and this story was even featured a couple of years ago by the Touching Lives Christian program on TBN with the wonderful man of God, Dr. James Merritt. ( They wanted me to fly out to Duluth, Georgia to do an interview with Dr. Merritt, but I simply couldn't come up with the extra money for a round-trip plane ticket, not to mention hotel accommodations. It was great that they even asked, and I still talk with Dr. Merritt from time to time on Facebook. He's a wonderful man indeed.

    Thanks again, Mike. I off to read yours now...

reply by mikemagine on 24-Dec-2014
    It moved pretty fast, imo, Dean...Good that you stay in touch with Dr. Merritt. I'm not familiar with his name, but I expect he is a great Christian.

    Thanks again for reading my story. I might one day write some more stuff that happened in my life...


reply by the author on 24-Dec-2014
    You should, Mike. I am working on a story about my near death experience in 2010, about the...things I saw wherever it is that I was. It sure wasn't Heaven, I can tell you that! God, it was awful, and it's hard to even think about, much less write about. But, I've got to get it off of my chest before I explode...or implode, whichever comes first. ;)

reply by mikemagine on 24-Dec-2014
    Yes, Dean, I clearly recall you relating that near death experience and the place you were in...Writing about the 2010 experience would probably help you. Just my opinion.

    I've got two contests I'm entered in: one is a horror fiction contest and the other is What's Your Story? I might be able to use some of my experiences for "Your Story."

    For horror, I've got a gen. idea, but I'm finding it hard to get going on it.

    Partly, I believe I could take two or more portions of my life and fill those two commitments, more or less...There's PLENTY of time before those two contests, so there's no hurry.

    Then too, I'd rather like to get both stories done, no matter how much time I have. I tend to be a day late and a dollar short so much of the time, lol.

reply by the author on 24-Dec-2014
    I know how you feel about being a day late and a dollar short, Mike. It's been that way for me for the majority of my life, LOL...
reply by mikemagine on 25-Dec-2014
    My dad was good at letting me know whenever I came up short:-) He was very much a realist. Could set your clock by him, proverbially speaking.


    Oh, by the way, I started the horror for the contest even though it won't come about until April or May, lol. I think I've got a clearer idea reg. how I want to grow it:-)
Comment from Spiritual Echo
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I stumbled on this by accident, but became engrossed by the power of your story, reading through it slower than I've ever read anything before.

You gave me a slice of your convictions and an intimate moment that caught my breath and made me pause.

thank you.

 Comment Written 19-Jul-2014

reply by the author on 19-Jul-2014
    Thank you, Spiritual Echo, and I appreciate you dusting this off, reading it, and sharing your thoughts with me about it. It's probably the most personal story that I have ever written. That, and Gingerbread Love.

    I really appreciate it and your kind review.
Comment from barleygirl
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Thanks for pointing me to this honest, compelling, interesting piece! I'm glad you weren't successful. I'm glad you got beyond that black stretch & received the gifts you described, as far as your family & friends. Your piece is written with such detail, this is what makes it so real to the reader. It's strange the way our minds record details so intensely in situations like this. You've shown us that vividly, despite how long it been since this happened. Thanks for sharing.

 Comment Written 05-Apr-2014

reply by the author on 05-Apr-2014
    Wow, barleygirl, you actually read it. I'm honored, and it is all true. The way the storm rolled in when I was at my boiling point, the way my dad showed up unexpectedly for lunch on that particular day...none of it could have been coincidental, there's just no way. Then -- there was that ...voice, but it was far more than a voice, it was deep and came out like a rush of air, electrifying the entire room. It was really quite an eye opening experience.

    I am eternally grateful that you took the time to read it. You have a friend for life!
reply by barleygirl on 05-Apr-2014
    I understand what you mean about coincidences stacking up . . . it's undeniable! (((HUGS))) That's when I start paying attention, too!
reply by the author on 05-Apr-2014
    Yeah, we just HAVE to, right?
    (((HUGS!))) right back at 'cha!

reply by barleygirl on 05-Apr-2014
    Since your review was the first thing I wrote this morning (before being fully caffeinated), I responded mainly to somber aspects. Now with 2 cups of java warming my belly, I remembered something funny about reading your piece. The only time I lived outside of California was 6 months I spent in Ohio, late-80's. I was amazed at how huge the lawns were, what a major project for people to mow (usually riding mowers) & also I'd never seen such arrays of lawn ornaments anywhere else!!!! I still laugh & think of Ohio whenever I see a lawn ornament! *smile*
reply by the author on 05-Apr-2014
    Our lawn was humungous, and dad refused to buy a riding mower, said using the push mower built character. Looking back now, dad was probably right. LoL!
Comment from Idamarty
This work has reached the exceptional level

Hello Dean,

I was intrigued by a review you had given on a fellow Fanstorian`s writing. You suggested they read this story. I looked it up and I am so glad I did. I love to hear how God does speak to people. How He changes people`s lives, always for the good. Your story was one of both despair and hope. I too have been so angry with God, blaming Him for situations I have found myself in. I too, have come to realize that it is not His fault. Satan wants to kill and destroy us. He tries to deceive us. I am so glad God turned you from death to life. Thanks so much for sharing this...blessings to you and yours.

 Comment Written 21-Oct-2013

reply by the author on 22-Oct-2013
    Wow, Idamarty, I had not expected to get a review on this one. It has been a while.

    It's all true, the entire story. I'll never forget that day. That was probably the hardest piece I have ever attempted to write.

    Thanks so much again for reading it.
Comment from shanteseg
This work has reached the exceptional level

Your story really touch me, It brought tears to my eyes. I always read poems but this morning I felt like reading a story. God lead me to your story. And I am glad you shared your story with us. God bless you great job...

 Comment Written 24-Sep-2013

reply by the author on 25-Sep-2013
    Thank you so much for this surprising, yet wonderful review, shanteseg. I sincerely appreciate it.
Comment from Samuel Dickens
This work has reached the exceptional level

This is powerful, moving, and convincing. This higher power whom I call "God" moves his hands in mysterious ways, it's said, and I know it to be true. Apparently, you needed to actually be spoken to. For others, and as it has happened for me, he moves things around and offers a different path. His ways of helping us are infinite, I believe. Divorce is a cruel thing that knocks many of us into the gutter. After two divorces in short succession, I descended into a dark place where the pain was so great that death seemed a welcome relief. Much like you, I guess God decided to keep me around a while longer.

 Comment Written 20-Aug-2013

reply by the author on 21-Aug-2013
    Thanks very much for reading it, and now you understand why your story, "The Bridge" got to me. I am very happy He saw fit to keep us both on the rosters of the living...

    Thanks again, my friend.
Comment from yachtworknz
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Wow, that is well written. Great opening, and the gun sound was a suprice.

So, glad you are still with us. The universe has a strange way of making things work out.

 Comment Written 14-Jun-2013

reply by the author on 15-Jun-2013
    Thank a lot, yachtworknz. I am glad you liked it, and I thank you for the time you spent reading and reviewing this.