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Surviving Silent Storms

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My journey through the grief of cancer's aftermath

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Comment from Joan E.
This work has reached the exceptional level

Many, many kudos on your second "Seal of Quality"--a remarkable achievement. I am sorry it has to be for this heart wrenching story and appreciate your prayers for a world free of the scourge. I admired your rhythmic, rhymed quatrains and dramatic repeats of "one" and the "neighbors" line. Take good care of yourself- Joan

 Comment Written 05-Dec-2017

reply by the author on 31-Dec-2017
    Hi Joan, I'm sorry for the long delay in responding. Thank you for your wonderful comments about my poem and your kind kudos for my second seal. I can hardly believe it myself! I'm so glad you enjoyed my poem. Happy New Year to you and your
    loved ones.
    All the best,
reply by Joan E. on 31-Dec-2017
    Here's to another productive year, with a good measure of peace and healthy living!
    Cheers- Joan
Comment from I am Cat
This work has reached the exceptional level

Oh Rodger,
How absolutely breathtaking.
Beautifully and poignantly written, it touched me so deeply.
For me, my dear mother-in-law... three years from start to finish:
Double mastectomy, chemo and radiation... a cruel death.
An empty hole.
I can imagine your pain.
I look forward to reading this book in full.
I start here, my dear friend.
Congratulations on a Seal of Approval, well deserved.
Love and laughter to you,

 Comment Written 30-Nov-2017

reply by the author on 03-Dec-2017
    Hello my friend Cat,
    Thank you very much for your generous six stars and wonderful comments! This was my first big poem on
    FS back in 2010 when it also won POM. I came up with this format and one Sunday I just sat down and it
    spilled out onto the page. So many people have been touched by cancers fury, it seemed to connect to most everyone who read and reviewed it. It's just one story out of many stories, My wife's story is especially tragic because she did everything she could to fight the monster and still she lost her life It stated in 1997 she found a pea-size lump in a self exam in the shower, went to the doctor the next day and tests confirmed it was breast cancer. she had the lump removed and they had clean margins. They checked her lymph nodes and everything was clear. Ten years later, we were out walking when she said she had pain in her hip that was confirmed the next day to be the same breast cancer that she had 10 years earlier. She bravely fought the monster for six years but it got her in September of 2006. We had been in east Texas in early August to attend my step son's wedding to a wonderful Texas gal . That trip came two months after her daughter graduated high school and she managed to make it to commencement. The family is grateful that she got to attend both milestone events in her children's lives but the trip was just too tiring for her and was sick as soon as we got home.
    I think the line "one of her brushes still clings to her hair " You'd be surprised of all the little things that are over-looked when loved one dies, it's very tragic! I recall being at work one day and in the hubbub of the day, I called home to talk to my daughter. She was home but in the bathroom at the time so it went to the answering machine and yes, you guessed it. my wife's voice answered just as pleasantly as ever, Thank you very much for your wonderful review ans generous 6 star rating.
    All the best
    Rodger :)
Comment from dragonpoet
This work has reached the exceptional level

This is an exquisitely written for your wife and how her love effected many people. The empty bed and chair show the loneliness and grief abounding as much as the children do. It seems you have started over with someone new which is good.

Sorry for your loss. Both my parents died of cancer, My dad in 1983 and my mom, also in 2006.

Keep writing

Happy holidays


 Comment Written 29-Nov-2017

reply by the author on 30-Nov-2017
    Hi Joan, I'm sorry to read that both your parents suffered from cancer.. Like you, this poem connects to many people who
    have fought the monster. or have loved ones who did. I thank you very much for your kind comments and compliments and the extra star. Happy Holidays to you as well.
    All the best,

reply by dragonpoet on 30-Nov-2017
    You're welcome. Thanks for you're condolences.

Comment from amanda98653
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Cancer took away those I cared about and I can truly relate to your poem.

"Somewhere on a street, in one sleepy town
Where neighbors are friends and children abound
Another young woman..."

We never know who is going to be the next victim..but it's like a ghost..always lingering around the corner.

Beautiful write



 Comment Written 09-Jan-2014

reply by the author on 09-Jan-2014
    Hello Amanda and thank you for your kind comments in reviewing my poem. I have a special place in my heart for this poem because so many people have said what you did about sadly being able to relate it to your own life and those you have lost. It makes me sad to hear that you have had to deal with the scourge of cancer so early in life.
    All best wishes to you,
Comment from Cmin7flat5
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Wow. This is truly a wonderfully written poem. I love the theme of "one". That adds so much to it. And what a sad story this is, as well. I also have had friends and members of my family suffer through breast cancer, although luckily none of them have passed away as of now. They are still fighting the fight, and all our strength and love goes out to them. And for those whose battles could not be won, my heart goes out to them and their loved ones. This poem brings chills to me when I read it, it is so raw and honest. And I also completely agree with what you mentioned in your author's note, "I pray for the day when this poem becomes a relic of the past". Perfectly stated.

 Comment Written 20-Jan-2013

reply by the author on 21-Jan-2013
    Hello, Welcome to Fanstory and thank you for your wonderfully kind words about my poem. I always consider it high praise when another poet feels the emotions when reading one of my poems. Over the last few years, this poem has connected with a lot of people who have been touched in some way by cancer. I wish your friends and family members all the best in their battles with this disease. Sadly, my wife was actually allergic to the one drug that may have saved her life or at least extended it for many years. Thanks again, I appreciate your review!
reply by Cmin7flat5 on 22-Jan-2013
    No problem at all! And thanks again for sharing. To hear that she was allergic to the medication! That is so sad. I'm really sorry to hear that. I am glad, though, that you're writing and expressing yourself through poetry :)
Comment from elliejean
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I love the poem. I am the wife dying from cancer now. I have been given more years than Ann. Science has found a way to prolong the life, but not the cure. Every woman that is blood relation to me has died from one of two things. Accidents or cancer. Most died without a lot of pain. I know what is in store for my girls. Good work.

 Comment Written 23-Nov-2012

reply by the author on 24-Nov-2012
    Hello elliejean, I am so sorry to hear that you are going through this disease. My heart goes out to you and your family. My wife dealt with her disease for over 9 years before she died in 2006. The irony is that she was allergic to the one drug that may have extended her life for many more years. Thank you for your kind comments and five star review. I hope i will see the day when this dreaded disease is wiped from the face of the earth. God bless you and best wishes.
Comment from MAMONIA
This work has reached the exceptional level

My heart just broke reading these words. I
cannot tell you that tears welled up on my
face and I could help but cry.
This is so sad, so beautiful and utterly
fantastic. I could even feel the love in every
word and scene you describe.
My warmest wishes go out to you.
Thank you for sharing.

 Comment Written 13-Sep-2012

reply by the author on 15-Sep-2012
    Hello Marie and thank you for your wonderful six star review. Many people have told me they had the same reaction when they read this poem. I am glad you thought so highly of it to give it the extra star. This coming Monday will be six years since my wife passed away and we still miss her very much. Hugs, my friend. Rodger
Comment from Wilmilove
This work has reached the exceptional level

As you won I think you know your poem is beautiful but in addition it is also one of the poems I almost understood everything, I speak French I'm not so fluent in English so thank you for your way of writing

 Comment Written 23-Jun-2012

reply by the author on 24-Jun-2012
    Hello and thank you for your wonderful comments and six star rating! I am glad you liked this poem enough to award the highest rating.
    All my best, warren
Comment from pattipac
This work has reached the exceptional level

Your lovely poem is a beautiful tribute to your deceased wife. I liked how you used the everyday items and events to help portray how deep your and your families' loss has been. 'One side of the bed remains the same.' 'One unread newspaper on a chair.' I am so sorry for your loss.

 Comment Written 26-Dec-2011

reply by the author on 26-Dec-2011
    Hello Patricia and thank you for your wonderful comments and six star rating. When I wrote this poem I was at a point where I wanted to break out of my sadness and write something that many others could relate to in our all to common experiences. I'm glad you could see how the use of everyday items relates to many people who have shared this tragedy in their lives. I took a chance by using the word "One" repeatedly but I'm so glad many people have found this to be of some comfort for them. Thank you once again.
    All my best, Warren
Comment from pickelhead
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After my wife's mastectomy the doctor told me he could not get all the cancer as it had spred too far. I couldn't believe what he said. He added she would only live for less than 2 months.

Many prayers were offered to God for a cure. Two months past then 3 and 4 and the surgeon was amazed but when she was xrayed again there was no sign of any cancer. More tests were taken as a year past bye with much anxiety but thank God our prayer's were answered and the cancer never returned. A true miracle that even the doctor had to admit too.

 Comment Written 12-Oct-2011

reply by the author on 12-Oct-2011
    Thank you for your review and sharing your wifes story. There are some wonderful stories like yours which we can hang our hope upon.
    Best regards, Warren