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A Leaf on the Wind

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Autobiography of abuse

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Comment from Teresa Alford
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Excellent, Very moving story, including the addendum. I appreciate the dialogue, as it brings the relationship to life. This is obviously a story you have given a lot of attention to and I am sure it will uplifting to those who have experienced similar backgrounds. Keep on writing.

 Comment Written 30-Dec-2018

reply by the author on 30-Dec-2018
    Thanks for the positive comments. I sincerely appreciate them.
Comment from sajeda6
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This is such a detailed piece of work. I really enjoyed reading it. I wanted to carry on reading to find out what happens. It shows a lovely relationship between mother and daughter , how much a mother always worries about her children rather than herself. Its always hard to live without loved ones, specially one's mother. Its nice to read that Valerie continues with her life and was happy. Lovely work

 Comment Written 12-Sep-2018

reply by the author on 12-Sep-2018
    Thank you. I sincerely appreciate your comments.
Comment from kriver
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I thought you book was absolutely riveting and outstanding in every chapter What a book. I give you 26 stars if I could. I read the whole thing all at one time. In other words in one sitting. I have not done that in a very long time. I think you should definitely work to get it published. I would bet it would hit the New York times best seller list easily. I got you beat by 3yrs on the "not dating since 1989 though. LOL I admire you for the courage it took to go through all that happened. If you are concerned about the grammar and punctuation I just bought a program you could try it out for free then buy it. If you get it soon enough though you can get a life subscription for $70.00 that was why I bought it now ( Libre Office) I used it on my last post for both grammar and spelling it worked quite well.
But by all means publish this book. It would make a great movie too. Contact that writer see if he can pull some strings to get you in touch with his agent. I would think you need an agent you don't want to do this on your own. There are too many pitfalls legal ones and others I am sure that neither of us know about. I don't think you'll have a lot of trouble getting an agent once they start reading your book.
If you'll have me, I would truly like to be real friends nothing more required at all ever Just talking and sharing no pressures. I am a born again spirit filled Christian so that is a major part of my life. I don't know if that might be a problem for you or not. It is my deepest hope that it won't be. I just wanted to be up front with you about that. It is just a very deep part of me, my life, what I say, and do. I am by NO means perfect in word or deed and never will be. What I have as a Christian is NOT anything like what you have experienced at all. It is the LOVE and healing you have been searching for your whole life and it is free for the asking. I agree with you I didn't understand and it didn't make any sense to me with all the ups and downs or the Latin in that church either. you standup and then kneel then sit stand kneel I'd just get comfortable kneeling and I'd have stand again I even crossed myself the wrong way and didn't know I was doing it wrong. never did figure it out. I was just there for something I don't remember what it was for. But that isn't a personal one on one relationship with GOD that is churchianity. There is an extremely big difference. I think GOD answered your prayers. But just not quite in the way you thought HE would. You ended up with Doc's that cared, would and did help you; your sisters didn't. You were able to heal your relationship with your mom; your sisters couldn't, wouldn't, and didn't. You have found numerous gifts and talents that are natural for you. Your sisters haven't been able to heal; You have. GOD gave YOU the strength and courage to stand up and fight back; Your sisters, mother, aunts, and others in your family didn't have that strength or the courage it took to do that. YOU are a VERY TALENTED, BRAVE, SPECIAL woman that GOD truly LOVES very much. You just haven't realized it yet that's all. But when the time is right for you I can and will help you with that. if you'll allow me to have that honor. No pressure involved it is all your choice. I just wanted to tell you up front where I stood is all nothing more. I think you would have made a terrific woman Marine. That my lady for me is the highest compliment I can offer anyone.
Anyways, I hope to talk with you soon.
Best regards,
K River

 Comment Written 27-Jun-2017

reply by the author on 27-Jun-2017
    My goodness, I don't know where to begin to thank you for your comments on my book. I have no problem with devout Christians. I have many good friends here on FS that are strong Christians. We argue occasionally but have remained friends. I continue not to be a fan of Catholicism and have been living an on and off relationship with God. I eventually rewrote A Leaf on the Wind and republished it as Celebrate the Dandelions. The first time it was published as A Leaf on the Wind and I was disappointed that it got no promoting/marketing and did not do well. When the contract ran out I had to change the title and republished it on Amazon (big mistake) and again on as an e-book. Again, I have no knowledge of how to market so it has done poorly. It has been reedited several times and still needs further editing. Without knowledge about how to market it, I doubt it will ever get the publicity I think it needs. Many go on Facebook, and market their books their. I don't have the knowledge or understanding necessary to use social media. I've tried but just get lost in all the mumbo-jumbo of how to use Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. All that said, every review the book has received has been amazingly positive which is encouraging but still doesn't solve my marketing problem. If you have any ideas feel free to offer them. I do want to thank you for your deeply moving review and thank you for telling me the strong effect it had on you. The first time it was published it was looked over by a legal team and they felt that it posed no legal issues that would present problems. I changed all the names and obviously if the people I am referring to read the book, they will recognize who they are, but nothing untrue was said. All references to letters and emails can be verified as true since I kept all of them just in case. What this site needs is a Marketing section for writers to learn what they need to do to promote their work. Sadly, they do not offer that service. I am currently having some serious eye problems that may or may not eventually limit my eyesight. Living on Social Security limits my ability to pay someone to market my book, do I think this is a project that will wither in the wind so to speak. I do want to thank you for our generous and positive comments, the sincerely mean a lot to me. The 6 stars are also appreciated. My hope in writing this book from the POV of me as it was happening was the hope of helping those that do not understand why people with this type of upbringing become such messed up adults and how so many give up and take their own lives out of desperation.

    Thanks so much,

    Sasha Petrova
reply by kriver on 27-Jun-2017
    Hi Sasha,
    I don't really know how you'd go about marketing the book either. Facebook and all the rest are mixed up for me too.
    I just went through having my eyes operated on I wrote the story ( Better than perfect sight) and posted it recently (a couple of weeks ago now.) Maybe you need to see an eye doc about them. I went blind in one eye for a while it is terrifying. It is not something to fool with and put off I did that and it was a bad move but the Doc was able to fix it
    . I was never apart the Catholic church I was just there for some function but I don't remember what it was for now. It might have been for a wedding or something like that. I think I would shop for an agent they would find a publisher and the publisher would do the marketing. I would see if you couldn't keep the (leaf in the wind) title. The 1st step is find out the word count for a book it has to be about 75,000 to 100,000words then it is edited down to 50,000 words the publisher probably will help you do that. But the manuscript can't be full of grammar and spelling errors It really needs to be pristine 2. Find an agent. Are you in the states? if you are go to a big book store like Barns & Noble and go to the section where your book would be located auto biographys and look in the front of the books for the publisher's name also read any authors notes where they thank people they usually say something about their agent and sometimes give their names write them down. Then send just the 1st chapter to them with a cover letter. Look on the web for what to include in a cover letter pray and ask GOD to give you the words to write then start writing. Then we pray and ask GOD to help us get the right agent and make an agent interested in representing you. Next we pray he finds the right publisher. He will because we are praying each step of the way. One of the keys to getting it published is praying it'll work 100% of the time every time when done with faith. I don't know how to market anything either but that's OK because GOD does and HE is in our corner we can't lose it is a done deal.
    Anyways, that is my take on what to do to get you published.
    Best regards,
    K River
reply by the author on 27-Jun-2017
    I live in Mazatlan, Mexico. After my mother's death I decided to stay. Trying to find an agent is very hard and I don't know if I am up to the task. I'll have to give it some thought.
reply by kriver on 27-Jun-2017
    Maybe you could find one on the internet. I was just brain storming ideas that's all. I don't have a clue as to what will work. I just know there is something that will work we just have to find it and we will it will just take some time and effort to do that's all. It isn't really a problem. GOD will show us what to do. 1st thing
    1. find out the exact word count by the computer. 2. make it as grammar and spelling correct as possible. 3.Then if you need to add more words you can add them. That won't be a problem either GOD will give them to you when and if they are needed. when that is done we will be ready for the next step. But we have to do these steps first to get things ready.
reply by the author on 27-Jun-2017
    Legally, I cannot publish it under the original title. The word count is fine but it definitely needs a thorough editing which will have to after my cataract surgery. The eye doctor wants to do something with the right eye, the one that is 85% blind but I don't know what it is yet or what it may cost. I'll check out what I can about marketing but I am sure it is way above my head.
Comment from Mae 222
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A beautiful story of a mothers love for her daughter and her daughters love
for her mother. I enjoyed this story very much. To me this was true love
that will last forever. Thank you for sharing your story.

 Comment Written 22-Jun-2016

reply by the author on 22-Jun-2016
    Thank you so very much. I am deeply moved that it touched you in a way I had hoped it would touch other. My mother died May 30, 2006 and I always buy a small cake and light a candle and share it with her. It was a tough trip, but in the end we were the best of friends.
Comment from pamelaperron
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to the American lady who is not afraid of color! I love it. your story was sad yet inspiring. the quiet comments and questions for mom to know in her heart allowed her to let go. a beautiful example of the human condition. on a personal note im sorry about your frayed relationship with your sisters.

 Comment Written 09-May-2016

reply by the author on 09-May-2016
    Thanks. I am pleased you found this inspiring. Finally developing a positive relationship with my mother is still one of the most positive events of my life.
reply by pamelaperron on 10-May-2016
    many in the same boa. spent years chasing mine without avail until I gave up. needless to say there was no call on mothers day. its always good with the bad.
Comment from Jennpenn
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I am new to Fan Story, and this is my first introduction to your writing. What a lovely way you have with words. The story is so heartrending and poignant. Gives me a lump in my throat.


 Comment Written 30-Jan-2015

reply by the author on 30-Jan-2015
    Welcome. I didn't even know that book was still being posted. The book was published as A Leaf on the Wind and when the contract ran out, it was published with some minor changes as, Celebrate the Dandelions. I am pleased you liked the last chapter. It was a difficult book to write and the last chapter even more difficult.
Comment from Stacey Lynne Wells
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Wow, I am so sorry about your mother's passing. I have enjoyed reading your autobiography. I think it is a very interesting book that would definitely sell. Have a good day.


 Comment Written 13-Nov-2009

reply by the author on 13-Nov-2009
    Thank you so very much for the kind and thoughtful review. I sincerely appreciate it.
Comment from medicnate
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What a fantastic book. If it doesn't end up on shelves, I'll eat my hat. And if you don't autograph a copy for me, I'll be very sad :0)

Thanks for letting me stroll down your memory lane.


 Comment Written 21-Oct-2009

reply by the author on 21-Oct-2009
    Thank you so very much for your kind and enthusiastic comments. Yes. I do hope to publis this. It still needs work but once I finish my current book I plan to focus on cleaning this one up and get it ready to publish.
Comment from patwannabe
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Valerie, I have read your story with undiluted interest. What a tremendous blessing it has been to me to witness your recovery. I know there are still remnants and always will be, but like your mother said, you're strong. And an overcomer. May the Lord give you many happy years. I have "Crack in the Mirror" bookcased and am glad to see you writing more. You do definitely have a gift. I predict it will take you far. pat

 Comment Written 28-Sep-2009

reply by the author on 28-Sep-2009
    Thank you so very much. My Mother was not perfect but I greatly admire her for facing her mistakes and for trying to hard to make up for the damage some of her decisions caused. She is proof that we can all change, and for the better.
Comment from MsRefusenik
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(Out of 6's when I most need them.) Well, I finished this very moving, well-written, outstanding, inspiring, roller coaster of a book. You, my dear, are no mere leaf in the wind. You have way too much spunk. Your father and your family might have tried for all they were worth, but they could not kill your spirit.

My God, you are, for starters, a sex abuse survivor, a breast cancer survivor, a former police/FBI intelligence operative who was commended for her excellent work that broke a case, a prize-winning painter, a prize-winning author, a prize-winning novelist, and so many other things. You're more like a dandelion in the wind, because you never can get rid of that hardy wildflower no matter how hard you may try to kill it. Roar woman, roar.

(I just went back and re-read your poem "Love" which means so much more to me now that I know the story behind it. Thank God your mother got in touch with the love in her heart for you she always had and finally got the courage to show. Thank God you both had those three years.)

It is an honor of the highest kind to call you Friend. You are one amazing woman, you Lady Lazarus. How many lives you have had and who knows how many more yet to come. Like a snake you have several times shed all of your skin only to grow all new skin and begin life anew.

You have written the story of your transformations. It is a killer novel. It is destined to inspire, change and move anyone who reads it and I hope there are millions because it deserves to be read by that many.

One of the many crimes and tragedies of your life was the insistence of your family and teachers when you were young that you were less than brilliant. Well no wonder you couldn't concentrate on schoolwork. Who could given all that you were trying to deal with? It's amazing that you could get dressed in the morning and out the door. It should have alerted your teachers that something was very wrong at home that a smart girl did so poorly in school, but, no, they chose to blame the victim. Another tragedy. I hope you don't retain any of that cruel stereotyping. P.S. I have worked for some brilliant Ph.D. professors who not only couldn't write their way out of a check cashing card application, but who couldn't spell or punctuate for dick. It's not exactly a sign of intelligence and never let anyone put you down for it.

I really loved the book. It was heavy going but I do care about you and I wanted to know about your life. I am more impressed and in awe of you than ever. You are a superstar. God bless you and keep you always and make it up to you for not being there when you most needed Him. Love, Maryellen

 Comment Written 21-Jun-2009

reply by the author on 21-Jun-2009
    WOW. Of course I am pleased you liked my book. And yes, it was certainly a roller coaster ride. I have to chuckle, there is so much I left out but as I said it would have been longer than war and peace. I'm also glad you went back and re-read Love and can now better understand what it meant. I wrote it in less than twenty minutes because I had to make the closing deadine for the contest. I cried all the way throuh it. And I am so very lucky to have had those special 3 years with her. I do hope to publish this but "abuse" books are not high on the list for publishers. I'm probably going to have to save up and publish it myself. Have to laugh...while I changed all the names (most) I would love to be a fly on the wall when my sisters read it, and they would too. Their curiosty couldn't keep them from reading it.

    While I do have a sense of humor, I am drawn to the dark side of life. My poem The Dark Side of Hope talks about this. Again, I am very pleased you liked this. Thank you so very much for reading it and so quickly too.