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Comment from Bill Schott
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This tyburn, War Game, has the proper formatting and pushes forward the opinion that national leaders want to create battle opportunities rather than negotiate.

 Comment Written 15-Apr-2024

reply by the author on 16-Apr-2024
    It?s not what I think but what is happening.

    The Ukraine war was planned at the table for a precise reason by America.

    But I wont bore you with the details.

    As for the Middle East war, Israel is provoking Iran and America could easily stop providing bombs that have already murdered 37,000 civilians in Gaza.

    13,000 were infants, children and teens under the age of 12.

    These are war crimes in which Biden and his administration are complicit.

    Now Israel is starving the 2.million Palestinians in the south of Gaza while Biden enjoys his cone ice creams and his weekends at the beach.

    Netanyahu is a loose cannon and he will eventually drag America into a war which it will lose.

    Thank you for reviewing an important topic.

Comment from SimianSavant
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Nice piece with an appropriate image. I would suggest "war" instead of "wars", as it is a much cleaner rhyme, and war can be used as a plural of war because war is also a condition (just like peace).


 Comment Written 04-Apr-2024

reply by the author on 04-Apr-2024
    Thanks Harambe , I will edit.

    I?m surprised the contest is finished . I checked about two hours ago and it said two days still .. so even if 48 hours was up soon after I checked , there was still 24 hours to go.

    I was busy on Pinterest looking for a pic for the two meaning contest.

    It?s a cool idea .

Comment from Glena Jessee-King
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This is excellent in theme. It is so true of our so-called leaders who think nothing sometimes of sending other folks' children to war, but would not do everything possible to keep theirs out. And, talk about their egos! I like your poem, but agree with Julie that her suggestions are stronger, except for the "aging" I am unsure of. Her use of the word "Rampant" for egos is super. The image you chose indeed depicts your title and poem. Best wishes in the contest.

 Comment Written 04-Apr-2024

reply by the author on 04-Apr-2024
    Yes the first line I wrote:
    Leaders won't stop staging, waging wars

    the second line I edited at the last minute but it was weak.

    I mentioned this in the note's section and Wendy kindly offered two alternatives.

    I preferred this one of the two.

    Rampant egos gauging, raging more.

    It's a super line indeed and as a whole, I had a hunch the poem would do well. (biggrin)

    Yes, our leaders don't care about the people they send to war.

    The war in Ukraine was lost in September last year, that's when the Senate stopped sending funds but Biden wants to drag the war on because if he declares defeat now, it will cost him the elections.

    Ukraine has no money, no arms, no army anymore. Zelensky wants to conscript women now. He also lowered yesterday the draft-eligible for men from 27 to 25.

    Zelensky hasn't got the balls to acknowledge defeat and start peace talks with Putin because he knows he would lose that little popularity he still has.

    He has banned elections in May because he knows he will lose. Very democratic.

    So people are being sent to fight and die for a war already lost..but nevertheless must continue to save Biden and Zelensky's political positions.

    No comment.
reply by Glena Jessee-King on 06-Apr-2024
    Amen to your assessment and fine poem. There is a lot wrong with Zelensky I understand from what my son has stated, having researched him and corruption in Ukraine; however, the thug and killer Putin had no right to invade the country when the people wish to be free. It does, however, seem to be a lost cause. Biden is definitely corrupt. It is not known where the funds have gone, not where they should completely.
Comment from Dolly'sPoems
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Small wars disrupt people's lives and they are happening all over the world just now, your alliteration brought the sounds to life here, good luck with the contest, love Dolly x

 Comment Written 02-Apr-2024

reply by the author on 02-Apr-2024
    We are now two steps from WW3 in Europe.

    Up to this January PM Macron was adamant in NOT sending EU troops to Ukraine.

    Now all of a sudden he is saying not to excluded the possibility that the EU could send troops , he even added 10 days ago that France was thinking of sending 2.000 troops ( he then hopes other EU members will follow suit)

    Why the change of direction ?

    The war was lost already in September last year . The US senate stopped funding too in September 2023

    but Biden doesn t want to declare defeat cause it would cost him the elections .

    So he wants the war to drag on until November .

    But there is a problem.

    Zelensky has no more army , more than 400,000 Ukraine soldiers died so he needs troops and money to drag on the war for Biden same.

    Macron is playing with fire, Putin said he will shoot down EU planes and kill EU troops

    He is not bluffing Europe is a pass from WW3 .
Comment from Julie Helms
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An extremely timely topic for this poem.

Here are some suggestions that maybe you could work with?

Rampant egos gauging, raging more
Unchecked egos aging, raging more

Best of luck! Julie

 Comment Written 02-Apr-2024

reply by the author on 02-Apr-2024
    I love both , mostly the first to edit

    Thousand thanks !😄
reply by Julie Helms on 02-Apr-2024
    You're very welcome. I know age is a big topic for leaders in the US. Not sure about countries actually waging war, but that's why I threw that in there. :-)
reply by Julie Helms on 02-Apr-2024
    Wait! You didn't put it in right. You put waging twice.
reply by the author on 02-Apr-2024
    The war in Ukraine was un-necessary , Biden and his ilk have it in for Russia and the commies ( even though, there are no more commies like those in the 60s)

    And yet this provoked war had a specific goal: to weaken Russia?s economy and military.

    It backfired though.

    Sadly America is always waging, staging war with Russia 😐

reply by Julie Helms on 02-Apr-2024
    I'm gonna have to say I agree with you 100%.
reply by the author on 02-Apr-2024
    Glad to see we are on the same page .

    PS: In the note section I explained what happened and that you came to my rescue with two brilliant suggestions.

    Now I?m going to have breakfast. 🥐🥛

    Ciao! 😝
reply by the author on 02-Apr-2024
    I just saw your post.

    I know I notice after when I came back to read it after breakfast.

    Sleepy head much ( biggrin)