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The Contours of Sparks

A mildly sci-fi, wildly erotic, slightly horrifying tale

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Comment from Frank Malley
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"The Contours of Sparks" is probably the most articulate and imaginatively described sexual encounter I've ever read. This account of a torid physical reality is unabashed and unrestrained as is often the case. Nor is the experience of heightened arousal couched within porn terminology, so worn out with overuse.
And then, the second section where the sci-fi comes into the story, allows the male narrator to have the experience his female partner just enjoyed. This app experience jumbles his senses and brings as much uncertainty as it does pleasure. This is a stimulating, evocative read.

 Comment Written 05-Jul-2022

reply by the author on 05-Jul-2022
    Thanks so much, Frank! I don't write sexy stuff very often but tying in the sci-fi element made it feel more purposeful.

    I'm really glad to hear I walked the line between graphic and crass. I wanted it to be sensual and real but without veering into comedy!

    Thanks again for the awesome review :-)
Comment from Wayne Fowler
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Interesting concept. Nicely written.
Being circumcised, I plead ignorance. But with an erection, isn't the head already exposed?
I feel vomit cough across my chin and slop into my lap - Where did the vomit come from. I missed that.

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 Comment Written 05-Jul-2022

reply by the author on 05-Jul-2022
    Thanks Wayne :-). I can only speak from my own experience, wherein a little additional untangling is at times necessary!

    The vomit is him own body's physical reaction to his discomfort in his lady's body/replayed experience, so he's aware of it happening without any ability to control it.