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The Great Molasses Flood

not from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

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Comment from Pamplemousse1
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Hello Poet, this is such a rollicking tale told with tongue planted firmly in cheek. The mono-rhyming was very well done, as was the use of anapestic meter throughout. It gave the poem a whimsical tall tale feeling. Very skillful write.

 Comment Written 16-Jan-2022

reply by the author on 18-Jan-2022
    Thank you very much for this killer review. You picked up on things I didn't even realize were there, which may be helpful to try again in some of my future writing. Much appreciated!
reply by Pamplemousse1 on 18-Jan-2022
    You are very welcome! It was a really great read.
Comment from Barry Penfold
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Certainly a freakish disaster but one you have described in a humorous and uplifting manner. Had a few laughs reading along with this and the photograph is certainly apt. What a sticky mess. Well done and best of luck in the contest.
Barry Penfold

 Comment Written 15-Jan-2022

reply by the author on 18-Jan-2022
    Thank you very much Barry! Much appreciated.