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The desperation poem

Just love me

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Comment from dellsworthpoet
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An interesting poem. I think the title says it all. The repetition of the word love is like a hammer fall. It continues to pull the attention.

A good read. Thanks for sharing.

 Comment Written 07-Oct-2021

reply by the author on 10-Nov-2021
    Thank you!!! I highly appreciate your words and the analogy with the hammer! It's reviews like this that keep me going.....
reply by dellsworthpoet on 10-Nov-2021
    You are welcome.
Comment from Paul McFarland
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You have surely punched the desperation ticket. In reading your profile, I think you need to get more comfortable with the English language. When you do, things will go better. Be around English speaking people as much as you can.

 Comment Written 06-Oct-2021

reply by the author on 29-Oct-2021
    Hm........ Sorry, but I think you jumped to the wrong conclusion. I have moved to the US at 11 and been here ever since. People usually tell them my English is very good... I think, what you're trying to say is there is not a variety of different words in the poem? That doesn't necessarily mean I have bad English skills, maybe the poem is just not your type, too simple for you... Then I guess that should be your review to me...
reply by Paul McFarland on 29-Oct-2021
    Sorry about the jump. My apologies. I will try you again when I see one of your poems.
reply by the author on 29-Jan-2022
    Me thinks you're jumping to conclusions :D I've been in US for 27 years and I've scored in the upper 20th percentile in good grammar on :P. Maybe I was just quick, brusque, and negligent in writing this... who knows. Sometimes to be real, genuine, and raw - one types what's in his/her head without minding flow or grammar, I suppose.