Follow the instructions below if copying and pasting from a word processor. These steps should be followed each time you post a work.

A one time update of your word processor settings is also required prior to posting on the internet. Click here for instructions. After making these changes follow the plain text instructions below when you paste from your word processor.

Method 1 - Copy and paste

  1. open the document in Word,
  2. do a “select all” (ctrl+A),
  3. “copy” (ctrl+C),
  4. open Notepad (found in Start > All Programs > Accessories),
  5. “paste” (ctrl+V) the content into Notepad,
  6. save the file

Method 2 - Save as “plain text file” in Word

  1. open the document in Word,
  2. do a “Save as” in Word (goto File > Save as),
  3. select “Save as type” (see image) as “plain text”,
  4. click “Save”,
  5. when the dialogue box appears (for non-English OSs) click “OK”,

Method 3 - Download PureText Utility

  1. Click here to download a handy utility to convert plain text easily. After installing this utility use the "Windows" and "V" key combination to paste plain text of any text that is copied into your clipboard.

It is important to post plain text. It will "clean" out any extra formatting instructions that can cause problems with display. If you would like to add special formatting (such as italics and bold) you can use the advanced editor after pasting plain text.