Logon Settings

Follow these instructions if you are having trouble with your login or staying logged on.

If the content of your pages does not appear to be updating follow these instructions

Some personal firewalls block cookies. If you have firewall software running on your machine and you cannot accept cookies after making the appropriate setting changes in your browser below, please make sure that your firewall settings are not blocking cookies.

Staying Logged In

If you are having trouble with your login your browser may not be allowing cookies. It is easily corrected.

Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.x:

Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.x:

Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.x:

Firefox 2.x:
Firefox 1.5
Netscape Communicator 4.x:

AVG Free Anti-Virus (all browsers)

This utilty may prevent you from staying logged in or loggin in at all. Disabling the "Surf-Shield" option will fix this.

  1. Run AVG User Interface.
  2. Double click the LinkScanner component.
  3. Tick/Un-tick the Enable AVG Search-Shield and Enable AVG Active Surf-Shield options.
  4. Confirm changes by clicking on the Save changes button.

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Keeping Content Correct

These instructions will set your web browser to keep the content of your web pages up to date. This setting will assure that you get the latest information

You want to change your "Internet Options" or "Preferences" to direct the browser to "Check for newer versions of stored pages on every visit to the page"

AOL - Version 7.x

Microsoft Internet Explorer - Versions 5.x and 6:

For other browsers contact your browser provider for instructions on enabling cookies and showing web content for every visit to the page (turn off caching).