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A Presidency of Consequence.

   Thread Started February 3 at 8:16PM

It's no secret to regular contributors to the forum, my disgust of the man occupying the WH does not change my mind about America. As the first year of his presidency rolls over, most people have reconciled themselves to a democracy that allows everyone the opportunity to be the supreme leader of the United States.

Though I have known to call his supporters idiots, I too have come to accept his flawed leadership. It is what it is.

Can we survive it?

I'm counting on his ego, Trump's need for approval to keep him away from the nuclear codes, but I am reminded--daily--that he is a loose cannon that wants to win--at all costs.

There's a ground-breaking consequence that has resulted, a veer in the history of America. Actinvism, a deep conviction of moral outrage has occurred. People have shouted, screamed and started to vote from the heart. Yes, I acknowledge Trump voters and their convictions. I surely hope you get what you expected.

Nothing is shocking, nothing changes our ordinary, boring lives. But, you know what? I still hate the power Trump retains and continue to feel vulnerable to his mental hopscotch.

Pleae don't hit the buitton

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RE: A Presidency of Consequence.
Reply on February 3, 2018 10:52 PM << Modifed February 4 at 3:25PM >>

Hello Ingrid,

Every day that passes, I become more and more saddened by what is happening here...We have lost our place as the leader of the free world, and I don't expect we will regain that status...

Yet, I am more disturbed by the republicans, as a party, simply because I don't expect anything from trump...Its the young people, that I am most concerned much that has been done will effect them as they enter the work force...

trump has reversed a lot of the measures that was put in place, by Obama, and some were for the benefit of the workers...He has lied over and over again, yet he continues to hold on to his supporters...I'll be glad when the Mueller (?) investigation is completed...I really think he has done something that might get him in some serious trouble.

I almost feel sorry for him, as Christian, such a man lives in a world all his own, and the dollar is all he's concerned about...from what I read, he's so worried about the investigation that he's doing all he can to stop, or interfere with its progress.

Then more I watch him, I really believe there's something wrong with him that just doesn't allow him to see clearly and that's dangerous...His last comments, about Haiti and Africa, was the last straw for me...he's sick.

I hope all is well with you...we've been having some very cold weather, and some snow is expected tomorrow...but life goes on....

Just Some Thoughts!

AnnaLinda (SweetLinda)

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RE: A Presidency of Consequence.
Reply on February 12, 2018 10:24 PM

Fear will always feed more fear.


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