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The Actual Fault Behind the Lies

   Thread Started January 21 at 9:22AM

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Time to Quit Dancing

Thanks to gerrymandering, Republicans are in a place
of safety to defend and make excuses for his unhinged face
behind their delusion walls they won't have to pay a price.
Worrying about being voted out? They don't have to think twice
The fault for the mess we're in, listening to his factless tweets,
lies with Republicans, who aren't worried about losing seats
They're so desperate to stay in charge, they're complicit
in allowing an inhuman disaster to spew his clueless shit
They're putting politics ahead of America's well-being,
while all we get is a whopper crotch-kneeing
It's time to quit dancing, and start doing what is right,
or America will be following as you pinwheel out of sight


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