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Delusion Tastes Like Kool-Aid!

   Thread Started January 20 at 2:55PM

<< Thread Modifed January 20 at 3:12PM >>

It's the brand new taste sensation,
that's sweeping Delusion Nation

Used to taste like chicken,
but we've f****d with the recipe again

In order to make it easier to drink down,
so you swallow what the head clown

of The National Circus wants you to think,
suck on our newest delusion flavored drink

Simply spoon in your own powdered delusion,
and let our President reach your conclusion

That way, no independent thinking required,
If nothing else, with our sugar, you'll be so wired!


A book by our Michael Hogan

Sebastian and the Invisible Island tells the tale of a young boy stranded on a mysterious island where his only hope for rescue lies in feuding extraterrestrials who also yearn for home.

“This is a great book to enjoy between parent and preteens or younger. It drew us with its intriguing tropical island setting, heroics and strange goings on.” -Sally

“Excellent reading material for the age group. A breath of fresh air for young people in an area that is growing darker.” –Robert

Available in Kindle ($2.99) and paperback ($9.97).

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