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Kathleen S.
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Just a Morsel

   Thread Started July 10 at 11:46AM

Breakfast at four am had long gone by, and there in the shallow grass the black cat waited for something more. Maybe a mouse would scurry by, or a robin would find a worm in the dirt. His eyes dulled a bit as the rumbling in his body grew louder. ?I shall surely fade away this very night," was his passing thought. Just at that moment though, a bird landed on the ground, unaware of its enemy?s eyes glaring at it. He flew through the sky with just one leap and pounced upon it. With one gulp, he was satisfied.

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RE: Just a Morsel

Reply on July 11, 2018 03:50 PM
Not sure why this a discussion thread. Seems like an entry. Please enlighten me. I am relatively new to this site.
Thanks a bunch, RFL