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   Thread Started November 8 at 12:30PM

{Dr Dip)I don't want to flog a dead horse and I have heard all the arguments against doing this but I am going to say it again.
On a site that has over a thousand members and 435 of them being supposedly active members.
Surely in a week of reviewing there is in one's eyes, more than 6 exceptional poems.
Yeah I have heard the argument you have to be more picky with who you award your 6's to. But personally I read more than 6 exceptional poems in a week and feel guilty later in the scoring week where I cannot award a justifiable 6 and this happens consistently every week.
The argument is do those given a six deserve it.?
You have to ask the question what is your benchmark for
an'exceptional' rating in one's eyes. The vast majority of fanstorians are purely fun loving amateurs with a passion to write they are not seasoned professionals so in this light, giving a 6 star rating in the broad context of what fanstory is all about
is not overly exorbitant.
Just my opinion..what's yours?
November 8 at 12:03AM

mrsmajor: The question becomes what works are worthy of the 6 stars...and what bothers me most is this: if a poem meets the requirements, according to the site standard shown, and more!! with meaningful thoughts, messages, and I am totally impressed with all of that...why must I be limited to just the 6 in a week if more than that number deserves such a rating....Franky, I think its a insult to the writers to have some beautiful work ignored simply because one is not allowed to rate Exceptional as often as they wish...there are some writers that use difficult forms, and do so well, with messages, themes, that are so appropriate for this day and age...and to rate 5 stars is just not enough...

I don't know the answer, but I do feel that there is enough work presented here that does deserve the top rating, in my estimation, and who is to tell me it is not...whose opinion counts, and whose doesn' mine as meaningful as some others, who decides that.
November 8 at 12:30AM

Dean Kuch: Allow the top 25 reviewers to have ten stars
Allow 26-50 to have seven
Everyone else remains at six, as is.
This not only creates incentive to be a more active reviewer, it also alleviates the lack of a sufficient amount of sixes for the top 50 reviewers.

November 8 at 9:21AM

Jannypan (Jan) : To Dean,
Many reviewers NEVER reach the top reviewers place. So to allow them those extra stars will just keep them there since no one else will be able to attain that level over them. I know I have written decent reviews & NEVER receive many nominations--which is ok. But I see your idea as a way to keep only those already there in place with no chance of others reaching that level. Also some reviewers review for quantity rather than quality. So how would your idea stop that?
But I do agree that more than 6 stars per reviewer is needed.
November 8 at 10:07AM

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RE: reposted/REVIEWS
Reply on November 8, 2017 04:13 PM

It seems to meets its quantity that counts more than quality...who does that help, certainly not always the writer that never gets the review of someone at the top of the listing that has a large fan club...I just don't understand what the reasoning for not allowing the rating to be done as we see fit can be.


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RE: reposted/REVIEWS
Reply on November 8, 2017 08:33 PM
Yep. That horse is surely dead. I can see the bones through the hide. Six stars are relatively new, and were meant to be awarded for absolutely knock-your-socks-off writing. Problem is, they weren't used that way. They are supposed to be a big deal, but that's long gone. Whether you award 5 stars or six isn't important, it's what you say to the author that counts.


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