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What does 'breaking' even mean anymore?

   Thread Started January 23 at 2:28PM

"This, Is Breaking News!"

"From Clark Manifold, President Of Content, to all lessers--I've recently been hired to jazz up our coverage, and, after watching a few minutes of our news coverage, have concluded that what we need are more breaking news stories. Therefore, the following topics are to be proceeded with "This, is CNN Breaking News,":

The D-Day invasion, the Tet Offensive, the JFK assassination, the outbreak of WW One, the Elvis phenomenon, the disappearance of Jimmy Hoffa, Walter Cronkite's retirement announcement, the moon landings, George Washington's inauguration, the invention of super-glue, the demise of disco music, and the discovery of fire. Anything you're not sure about, "Breaking News" it, and err on the side of not pissing me off."


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