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ACTIVE MEMBERS reciprocating fans

   Thread Started November 4 at 6:18PM

<< Thread Modifed November 4 at 6:19PM >>

I know I have brought this up before but I am still puzzled. I fan people because I like their poetry not to attain member dollars. Whenever a message prompt comes up saying one has posted a poem or write I read and review because I am a fan of theres
I have 97 fans of those they are reciprocal fans
I am just puzzled that I would be lucky to get an average of 8 to 10 reviews a day and 20 read only
The point I am making is I know there are many inactive members who just like to peruse and not comment but isn't reviewing and posting poems and stories what FanStory is all about.
Just curious because I am sure there are many here who are in the same situation.
To those who have reciprocal fanned me and I you I thankyou sincerely for your reviews.
Keep posting and I'll keep reviewing.
Just a side note it still intrigues me how so many people can consistently boost their work to dollar value day in day out They're just aren't enough hours in the day

respectfully dip


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